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      <page pageid="2939" ns="0" title="Rear of Baby Jesus">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">After our failure to acquire the proper ingredients during our Tears of Baby Jesus adventure one [[Girly_Wednesday_Night_TV | Girly Night]], the Rear of Baby Jesus was born. Slightly browner, slightly harsher, but with an ever-so-heavenly hint of nuttiness, this drink is to commemorate all those times in life when you wish you hadn't made Baby Jesus cry (like my &quot;surprise&quot; technical interview with Rincon). ''&quot;You're a naughty boy, and that's concentrated evil coming out the back of you.&quot;''


1 part Liquor al Cioccolato

1 part Bailey's Irish Cream

1 part Frangelico

2 parts Amarula

Pour all ingredients into a chilled rocks glass. Stir and enjoy while contemplating what in the world you were thinking about when you should have been taking notes on Fast Fourier Transforms and bit expansion in a 2's-complement addition problem.</rev>
      <page pageid="3362" ns="0" title="Reflections of Lucia (through level 9)">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">'''Weapons and Lucia Don't Mix'''

My dad might not be happy if he ever heard about this, but I have abandoned the use of weapons... I'm just not good at it... it was hard letting go of that crossbow I used to have, but I just will never be like him. I don't have good hand to eye coordination either... I'll just concentrate on training Totoro who'll always be there by my side protecting me, and I him. 

'''Their Bond Grows'''

I recently learned that our connection is so deep and our bond so strong that when he's deeply wounded and about to die, I am able to share his pain and wounds... it hurts terribly, but it's a small sacrifice when I consider what he does for me. I know he appreciates that, cause he'll often lick my wounds after a battle... he's so adorable... although he tends to slobber all over me with that huge tongue... and he still has stinky breath... oh Totoro, I still love you!

I also found that I'm now able to switch places with him by just screaming for him to hcome to me. I Haven't really had to use this in practice, but if ever I'm in danger, I'm sure that could come in handy. Funny because I think doing this gives Totoro the chills lol. He gets extra puffy!

'''Lucia the Creator'''

On and off, I would see Maggie work on crafting some magical trinkets. Manny seemed to have picked up a similar skill, but he creates armor for battle. I decided I wanted to give that a try as well, although my eye for fashion is terrible and I'd probably end up creating the most boring outfits, so I think armor is not for me. 

I picked up a few tricks from what Maggie was doing, and I actually have a lot of fun doing this! Somehow, my connection with Totoro also seems to have drastically improved my skill at this [that freebie Hub level 9 power], to the point where I sometimes can work without thinking about it and turn things around much faster!

All the materials do get very expensive though, and I've heard you can screw up and have everything blow up in your face... so I better be careful! I think I'll be able to start creating magic items to protect and help everyone in the party eventually! I'll try to sell my first few items... money is hard to come in our adventuring... It's not all plundering and looting like the adventurous tall tales you hear. In fact, I can't really think of the last time we ran into any loot in our adventures... we did find a cool folding ship though!! 


OMG OMG OMG!! I love dinos and I am finally able to create summoning gates powerful enough to call them to my side! But the effort is too draining and right now Totoro has to lend me his energy for me to be able to open such a gate... which means he has to go back to his home plane... as much as I loove dinos, I looooooove my fluffy stinky Totoro even more! I'll have to work really hard to be able to summon them with just my energy so I can have them fight side by side with Totoro. 

Sometimes after I wake up, I'll summon an ankylosaurus for a very brief period just to be able to pet it. They're HUGE!! Then once I have my fun, I'll summon Totoro. Funny, because it takes me a LOT longer to summon Totoro in the morning... maybe he's a really heavy sleeper and it takes him forever to wake up! lol. I bet he's adorable when he's sleeps... if he ever does... I never see him even taking so much as a minute to catch his breath... maybe that's why he sleeps so soundly and takes forever to wake up.

'''Totoro Likes to Bite'''

Now that Totoro is so large, he likes to bite a lot of things... he feels like he can eat almost anything... in fights, I saw him going for enemies legs... I think he was trying to trip them... he's not very good at that... I'm going to have to get him out of that habit... specially when he's fighting huge 8 legged demons! Silly Totoro, you can't trip them! They have too many legs!!

'''She Can Be Taught!'''

Over the course of our travels, we've encountered many strange creatures from other planes. I never thought these things would exist in my wildest dreams, much less that I'd ever encounter them and have to fend them off! These demons are incredibly dangerous. I've started learning a lot about them as we fight them on a regular basis (well, seems like we run into them all the time anyway).

I also make sure to keep brushing up and studying on all creatures and practice some of the meditation my dad taught me to make sure I use all my sense and pay attention to my environment... I do dose off from time to time though lol. I can't help it! Sometimes I find my self day dreaming that I might one day be able to summon a TRex!!

'''The Power of the Hub'''

Magic in the Hub is crazy! I remember my mom always telling me to support your Idolon in battles, and I do that all the time. But, I don't think even my mom's magic was ever as strong as what I can muster here in the Hub!! Sometimes I feel like Totoro becomes and impenetrable tower of muscles and when he starts wailing on enemies, he just... he's overcome with so much power... it's incredible! The spirits that grant us their aid in the Hub must be very powerful!

I think next up, I'll try to learn magics that can strengthen the party at the same time... those are of course much harder to pull off and require a lot more skill, but I'm sure I can get there. I can already summon invisible wind spirits that speed up all the actions of the party...  maybe I can work with some of the stronger spirits to help the party as well... it's usually easy to summon just one spirit to help an individual... but to get a lot of them to cooperate and listen to me... phew... that takes a lot of energy.

'''Current Spirits:'''

Air - Sylph, Fenrir

Earth - Golem, Kratos

Fire - Ifrit

Ice - Shiva

Water - Undine

Aether - Enigma</rev>