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This is me brainstorming for an element casting Ninja in BESM, 3rd edition. He may wind up in a one-shot BESM run involving an over-the-top Ninja squad.


Kung Fu Action Ninja Jesus fights the badguys and makes them pay. With his Ninja powers, he will save the day!

Nick is the odd triplet, as he's the male of the trio. He's also the youngest. Dad is teaching him the art of business management. Nick is also a good cook, able to bake pizzas with minimal tools. Heck he doesn't even need the oven to bake with.

Nick's innate chi manipulation has earned him the power to shield himself with the Earth itself. He also knows how to ride wind currents with his custom made spatula/glider, so he can fly. He can also draw moisture from the air to fire blasts of water and to close wounds and accelerate healing. He prefers to heal with pizzas though.

His powers interested the Primaveri Pizza chain, who made him an offer he couldn't refuse. But he did anyway. Now they are done talking and now want to capture him and take him apart to discover his pizza-baking secrets before he ruins their business. Rumor has it that this goes all the way up to the Pasta Primaveri, who lives atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Primaveri may have even sent his whiny Prince and ultra-Bitch Princess after him.

To avoid suspicion, Nick trains in the forest outside the city. No one bothers him there.

Trixie and Pixie, Nick's older sisters, tease him a lot. He's scrawny, so they always beat him at sports and physical activities. They always introduce him as Nixie. And he has to feed them when they're on the run. And now there's this delivery guy who's coming to take them away, grrr.

Build Plan

Wind grants him flight and mobility. Water grants him healing and wide-area attacks. Earth grants him protection and powerful siege attacks. And Pizza is one of the five major Ninja food groups. Chef Leonardo and his 3 brothers verified this after years of Ninja testing.

(I just realized this: I'm building Jiggo in BESM, aren't I? Heh.)

Powers to get

  • Dynamic Powers (Elements) 30 - For prestidigitations and other elemental tricks I don't explicitly state.
  • Flight (with Maintain restriction) 8 -1 - Requires a glider staff, and a running start
  • Force Field (Detectable, sends shockwaves; Static, I can't move; Only usuable on ground; add PMVs for area) Rock barrier!
  • Item: Glider Staff - He's actually a good staff fighter. Also, the staff can turn into a glider apparatus.
  • Weapon: Typhoon Cannon - basic ranged attack. I'll blurt cartoon-laser sound effects for them though.
  • Weapon: Earth Siege - slow, but deals massive damage and penetrates. Need to be on the ground.
  • Special Defense: Hunger - Pizza for breakfast, Pizza for lunch, Pizza anytime!
  • Healing - Here, have some pizza. It'll make you feel better. I mean, water can heal any wound.
  • Armor (Takes time to summon, only works when on ground) - Rock armor, yeah!
  • Jumping
  • Special Movement: Water-walking
  • Special Movement: Fast
  • Special Movement: Light-Footed
  • Special Movement: Cat-like
  • Special Movement: Balance
  • Special Movement: Zen Direction


Body 4
Mind 7
Soul 6

HP 50

Combat Value 5
Damage Multiplier 5


Rock Armor, stops 14 damage (when activated)

Rock Barrier, stops 20 damage in a 10 m radius, I can't move

Pizza Snack/Water Chug. Can heal up to 30 points to 10 targets from up to 10 meters away.


Water Cannon, 10 m range, deals 2 * 5 + 5 = 12 damage

Melee Attack Needs 2 hands to wield, deals 2 * 5 + 5 = 12 damage

Other Abilities

Special Defense: Lack of Food (I can ignore hunger)

Special Movement: Fast, Light-Footed, Cat-like, Balance, Zen Direction

Jumping: I can jump 3 times as high as a normal person. 6m forward, 3m back. (Page 143)

Pizza Spatula/Glider

Flight level 2 Travels at 30 kph (18.6 mph, 27 ft per second)


Modern Day Urban Fantasy

Name Level Stat
Acrobatics 1 Body Tumbling
Administration 1 Mind Small Business
Disguise 1 Any Costume
Domestic Arts 1 M or S Cooking
Occult 2 Mind Channelling
Piloting 2 B/M Lighter than Air Craft
Stealth 2 Body Silent Movement
Swimming 2 Body Free Diving
Wilderness Survival 2 Mind Forest
Wilderness Tracking 1 M (S) Forest


Girl Magnet

There are a few girls out there who like Nick. A lot. Is it his knack for being a study buddy? His mysterious bald head? His knack for cooking the perfect Pizza? Nick wishes they'd leave him alone so he didn't have to leave the city to train.


Nick is bald. There's a birthmark on his head. He can wear a hat to hide it, but everyone simply HAS to know "what's up with the mark?"


The Pasta Primaveri wants to extract his secrets of pizza creation. A few agents from the Primaveri Nation pop up from time to time. Target practice.


Stats 170
Armor "Rock Armor" 12 (level 7 14, Activation Time -1, Detectable -1)
Force Field "Rock Barrier" 18 (level 5 - Static 16, Detectable visual + vibration -1, Area 3)
Dynamic Powers (Elements) 30 (level 1)
Special Defense 2 (Hunger, can ignore thirst)
Special Movement 10 (Fast, Light-Footed, Cat-like, Balance, Zen Direction)
Jumping 2 (Level 1)
Healing 16 (level 3, Range 1, Targets 3)
Skills: Acrobatics 2 (Level 1)
Skills: Administration 1 (Level 1)
Skills: Disguise 2 (Level 1)
Skills: Domestic Arts 1 (Level 1)
Skills: Occult 6 (Level 2)
Skills: Piloting 2 (Level 2)
Skills: Stealth 6 (Level 2)
Skills: Swimming 1 (Level 1)
Skills: Wilderness Survival 2 (Level 2)
Skills: Wilderness Tracking 1 (Level 1)
Weapon: Typhoon Cannon 9 (level 2 4, Range 1)

Item Pizza Spatula/Glider 10 (Flight level 2 16, 3 Weapon (level 2 4, Accurate Hands -1))

Girl Magnet -1
Marked -1
Nemesis -1


Leftover Points