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  • "Hopefully, this is a portal to the Abyss." - Ezel
  • "He was just on vacation." - Zahnnie. "In Neth." - Ratri.
  • "Hey, what happens in the Abyss stays in the Abyss." - Rykilde.
  • "Super happy fun slide!" - Chadius.
  • "I'm struggling and swearing in Sylvan!" - Rykilde. "Yes, yes, golden puppies, whatever." - Ezel.
  • "Yeah, your god is dead." - Zahnnie. "Maybe this was worth it." - Ezel.
  • "I'm being beaten by a magic club. Help! Sil!" - Ezel. "Okay!" - Sil. "Beats Ezel down." - Aurora. "Argh. No!" - Ezel.
  • "You're in its gut for 100 years, being digested." - Ratri. "It's more like the Sarlaac." - Aurora.
  • "They're made out of silver ... kryptonite ... red sunlight ... with gamma rays." - Chadius.
  • "Ezel, my nezzle? It's your turnezzle." - Zahnnie.
  • "Ah, I see you serve my father." - Dude (Lay-On-High), chuckling. "Father?" - Querca. "Yes, you serve him." - Dude. "I serve Obad-hai." - Querca. "Yes." - Dude. "Oh." - Querca.
  • "What's a great party like you doing in a place like this?" - Nybble.
  • "My mom is great." - Aurora. "She gave Ezel a stick, if you know what I mean." - Zahnnie. "And then Michael tapped that ass." - Chadius.
  • "We can look like half-demons." - Ezel. "Just like your mom. No, Ezel did not say that, because the response would be..." - Chadius. "Chop in half with righteousness." - Michael. "I thought it would be Sil! I'm sorry Sil!" - Ezel.
  • "Burninating Pazuzu!" - Chadius.
  • "Oh yeah, crack it." - Ezel. "At ten minutes, 5 large fire elementals show up." - Zahnnie. "That's hot." - Ezel.
  • "'By the might of Virton, I believe my balls are itching.' Hands down pants. "Smite. Smite. Smite. Smite. Smite. Ahhhh... For the good of all!" - Chadius.
  • "You're belching little jets of flame." - Zahnnie. "Is it relieving the pressure at all?" - Aurora. "A little bit. It's like when you fart a little bit but you really have to poop." - Zahnnie.
  • "Is Querca still in the orchard?" - Zahnnie. "Yes." - Rykilde. "She's all communing with nature." - Aurora. "She's chillin' with her peeps." - Rykilde.
  • "I went to the assistant mayor dude and said 'Hey, I can give you wood.' and he said 'Awesome.'" - Querca. Everyone laughs.
  • "I suggest you get your perfectly coiffed and groomed head out of your sparkling, scintillating ass." - Rykilde.
  • "It's about the dimple. This dimple is cute and adorable, and this dimple..." extends pinky to point at left cheek, "is eeeevil." - Ellowyn.
  • "Yo boulder. Gravity isn't this way. What are you thinking? Gravity is that way. That's so 80s." - Ellowyn.
  • "LOL" - Sil, in Draconic. "I know. Total LOL." - Green Dragon enemy.
  • "I think that ought to be above critical but below heal: Cute Moar Wounds." - Aurora. "Healz lots of damage. LOLz." - Chadius.
  • "We're trying to free the Blacks." - Querca.
  • "Hey, guess what? Standing on your head counts as higher ground. Chop!" - Ratri, on Sil's attack on the Green Dragon. "I've got your head." - Morrigu.
  • "What was he looking at?" - Sil, about Pazuzu. "Your butt." - Chadius.
  • "I don't need fun. I have magic faeries." - Querca.
  • "What? I'm not a maple. Maples are flighty little shallow whores." - Querca