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Stuff I'd Like

In the interest of being able to look up what sort of stuff I like, here's a list. Updated sporadically.

For the extensive joy of Caryatid, I herein provide my birthday: April 23. If you forget, go ask Chadius. Or my father-in-law.

These items are more or less in order by preference:

  • A gift card to anywhere you can find that sells bras (or swimsuits) in 28E-FF. No, really. Try Europe. In fact, Bravissimo now has them.
  • A pair of lightish weight flannel pajama pants (dark colors/plaid/etc), size about a ladies medium
    • Something like this (okay, it might not be dark, but it's PURPLE.)
  • The new Capitol Steps album
  • under armour coldgear compression tights, M, black. (There might be two different types like 'frosty' and 'outdoor' or something. As long as it says "coldgear" it's good.)
  • under armour coldgear mock neck shirt, S. Neutral color (black preferably, or grey). Something like this. (Note, I am specifically looking for the compression fit and warmth.)
  • An outdoor watering can. I think I'll want at least a gallon of capacity. And the kind that "sprinkles" instead of "pours".
  • A set of free weights
    • 1lb increments up to 5lbs
    • 2.5lb increments from 5 up to about 30
  • Stands to hold the weighs and exercise balls
  • A Marathon gift card for personal training.
  • A gift card for an hour massage at Marathon (Yes, this is now a regular fixture.) You might have to call, but there's a phone number on their Contact Us page.
  • iTunes gift card
  • CD's to add to my music collection (see link for specifics.)
  • Gift cards: Home Depot, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Gift cards: Kohls, Macy's, Victoria's Secret, R.E.I. (Which one of these is not like the others?)
  • The Errorwear BSOD girly shirt in a medium (or, for bonus points, see if you can actually get in touch with them and find out whether they ever intend to get small. I sure can't.)
  • high-quality milk chocolate, plain or with hazelnut
  • PMC donations -- eGift ID CB0167. This is great for my birthday, less so around Christmas time (due to the mid-October deadline). Sadly, I will probably not participate in 2010 either due to the recent house purchase.

Crimes already perpetrated:

  • An awesome ninja mask like Nybble's. DONE - Thanks Nybs!
  • A big doggy bed monogrammed "CAT". DONE - Thanks Dad&Nancy!
  • A ps2 memory card I can write my own name on so I know where the heck my saves are. DONE - Thanks Aurora!
  • NSFW babydoll from thinkgeek DONE - Thanks me!
  • L.L.Bean Down Booties (dark red, gray...my feet are roughly a ladies 6-1/2) DONE - Hubby loves me! *snuggle*
  • Noir OST2 soundtrack DONE - Morrigu still loves me!
  • Geek Guitar: iAxe. DONE - Thanks, Utter Chaos!
  • New headphones that will fit my teensy child-sized skull, and not make my glasses pinch my ears (preferably with with 1/4" stereo audio adapter -- see above link.) DONE - Thanks dear!
  • Professional massage DONE - thanks Morrigu! However, if I decide I like it, this may become a regular fixture on my wishlist. ;)
  • A small yoga matt to do stretches, sit-ups and stuff at home DONE - Thanks Caryatid!
  • The ThinkGeek "Meh" babydoll DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • A basic set of high-quality bonsai tools (I have one set of clippers, and don't know what gauge wire I need.) DONE - Thanks Dad&Nancy. Thanks!
  • A new laptop to replace my ailing pre-'01 post-Arepalyptic craptop. (Yes, this one is a joke. Mostly.) Hey look, I found a MacBook. Crazy.
  • An EZPass for Kurama. (Fast Lane marginally acceptable.) DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • Cotton undies (at least 94% cotton) with low rise and no elastic around the legs, size SM, in any color that doesn't have too much pink/yellow/orange on it DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • One of those protective little sleeves for my macbook so I can put it in a backpack or carry it around. (Preferably in black.) DONE - Thanks Dad!
  • In-ear headphones that will work better for my tiny ears than earbuds do. DONE - Thanks Dad!
  • The ThinkGeek "Got Root?" hooded girly T (small) DONE - Thanks UC, for snagging this before they ran out!
  • The ThinkGeek 304 tank top (also small) DONE - Thanks UC!
  • Think Geek's 'warranty' undies, probably in a size 1. DONE - Thanks UC!
  • A hands-free type thing for my cell phone. No clue what kind I'd want (or even what's out there) so pretty much -- don't spring for anything fancy! But, then I could talk to mom and my sis while I make dinner without causing any major disasters. DONE - Thanks dear!
  • A shiny new house. DONE - Thanks mom, 'gu, me, Redfin, Dardeno law offices, and BofA!
  • Wii Fit Plus (or whatever the shiny new version is called) DONE - Thanks Kate & Ryan!
  • small watering can for indoor little herb pots DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • a sauce-sized (~6 qt) pot DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • Also, a bunch of good, strong fridge magnets DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • trowel DONE - Thanks Mom! And thanks, Z and Pink!
  • garden fork DONE - Thanks Mom! And thanks, Z and Pink!
  • A french rolling pin. I have no idea if there are fancy versions of these, but I'm looking for the plainest of the plain. DONE - Thanks Z and Pink! (Whoops. Missed moving that one after Christmas...)
  • A magnetic white board, something like this. DONE - Thanks Gu!
  • 8" and 10" skillets, like these DONE - Thanks Chris & Meghan & Meghan's Mom!
  • under armour heatgear compression shorts, as close to knee length as possible (probably 7" length, maybe 9" if they have them) in size S. Black is good. DONE - Thanks for the Amazon card Ben&Pixie!
  • A dustbuster/dirt-devil type little vacuuming thing. DONE - Thanks, Arlington email list! (and Gail, in particular.)
  • An interesting babydoll size S. DONE - Thanks Morrigu!
  • A real, sturdy, full-sized food processor. (I have a small one but it leaves huge chunks it can't shred due to weird design and it really doesn't fit much.) DONE - thank you dear!
  • One of those Bose (or other good sound-quality brand) music players you can dock an iPod in DONE - Thanks Mom&Dad!
  • ThinkGeek's mini cupcake maker DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • The enough social interaction babydoll, size S DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • Exercise balls (55cm and 65cm...should be the two smaller of the normal three sizes.) DONE - Thanks Chris & Meghan!
  • a WYSIWYG babydoll in size S. (green or black is fine) DONE - Thanks Anne!
  • ThinkGeek's awesome pepper grinder DONE - Thanks Mom
  • ThinkGeek's awesome nerdy cookbook DONE - Thanks Dan!
  • A snide shirt DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • Indian cookbook(s). In particular, this one DONE - Thanks Dad!
  • Indian cookbook(s). Anything by Julie Sahni. DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • One of those inch thick foldable gym mats DONE - Thanks Mom!
  • new laptop sleeve with fancy shoulder strap. DONE - Thanks Meghan&Chris
  • an Original Gyroscope DONE - Thank you my dear!
  • A bag of holding. DONE - Thanks Big Sis!
  • A computer headset -- the kind you'd use for skype calls. Should be compatible with my Mac. DONE - Thank you my dear!
  • A Science shirt DONE