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I was baffling at your use of "queue" -- then it occurred to me that you might mean the kind of thing where the orchestra conductor points at you to tell you to start playing, or the line you're listening for in a play to know when you walk out on stage. Those are usually "cues" rather than "queues". "Queues" are long lines in England, or FIFO data structures. :)

--Ratri 11:13, 25 Feb 2006 (EST)

Erm, also, btw, it looks like you want the game to be creating unique music every time, on the fly, based on what the player is doing. (Tell me if I'm reading it wrong.) It sounds like an awesome idea. I don't claim to be a composition major, but if you want random musical input, swing by my couch any time.

--Ratri 11:16, 25 Feb 2006 (EST)

Queue vs cue...I'm a programmer, so you know which one is more prevalent. Dang-blasted homophones...homonyms...ya know, those things! --Chadius 12:00, 25 Feb 2006 (EST)