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House pictures from inspection

We've put in an offer on a house. Pictures are in the above link.

Based on our housing requirements, we have the following:

Housing requirements:

House Needed Wanted This has
SF 1000+ 1500+ 2423
Bedrooms 3 more than 3 3
Bathrooms 1.5 2 1.5
Garage shed for bikes 1+ car, attached 1 car, attached
Driveway 2 car 3 car minus garage car space 2 car
Fireplace no yes yes, 2
Yard not tiny, no landscaping not small, plus afternoon sun not small, not overly landscaped, sun on front yard
Basement yes finished, with laundry room partially finished, laundry room is in half bath
  • We might be able to put a geothermal heat pump in the front yard, freaking out the neighbors as we drill. We'll see
  • We have a new car, too--a Honda Fit. Between that and the size of the garage, we should be able to fit a motorcycle in. Alternatively, Nyb's scooter can go around back, in the back porch.
  • No kitty airlock, but it does have a nice entryway and a big front door. Easy for moving furniture in.
  • Exercise equipment can probably go in the finished basement.
  • It has a fairly open floor plan.
  • The half bath is probably large enough to convert to a full bath (with a shower).