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Z...(3 + 4 + 5) * 2 = 24 CP, not 26. :) --Chadius 17:21, 7 Sep 2006 (EST)

And if her stats are 24, then she adds up like 24 + 27 - 3 = 48, which is right. So it's just a typo. - Aurora 08:48, 8 Sep 2006 (EST)

She also lists gadgets at level 2, costing 2 CP, where that would actually cost 4 because it's 2/lvl -- with the total of 48 vs 50 that comes out in the wash, but it's a little misleading (or, a second typo). Quick, everyone nitpick Z!! --Ratri 11:54, 8 Sep 2006 (EST)

I had teh first, I am teh bestx0r! --Chadius 16:32, 8 Sep 2006 (EST)

You guys are mean to me... PS Chad how much $$ could I get for a nemesis/wanted/something for the dude? He's in jail now (or so she thinks) but has pals. -Zahnnie 13:47, 11 Sep 2006 (EST)

Hm, what Occult specialties are available/would you recommend for this world? -Zahnnie 15:33, 11 Sep 2006 (EST)

"Alternate Form, unicr0n."

So you're become a planet-sized Transformer who devours planets? Kewl! --Chadius 16:22, 13 Sep 2006 (EST)

I'm the awesomest! -Zahnnie 11:00, 14 Sep 2006 (EST)

Chadzors, would a Soul Attack also count as Affects Incorporeal for a bonus thingie? To quote, "Mind or Soul Attack ignores Armour, Shields, and Force Fields, and affects Insubstantial or Astral characters normally." And the other, "This attack will affect characters who have very low densities — or are currently astral, ethereal, or incorporeal — as if they were solid." So basically: when I swap it to a Soul Attack like we discussed, is the Affects Incorporeal then obsolete? Because if so that means I can make the swap one rank quicker basically. -Zahnnie 10:33, 15 November 2006 (EST)