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Wolf in a Creek

About Nybble

Nybble is the live-in sysadmin of Utter Chaos. As such he is the admin of this wiki.

My operating systems of choice are MacOSX and Linux (I don't care which distribution, I'll take them all on). I wouldn't touch a windows system with a ten foot pole, but occasionally we all have to make personal sacrifices.

Some of you who know me probably have noticed a theme in my apparel. It usually includes some element of the content of the image to the right.

Nybble's Projects

I usually have several projects going in the background of my life. I've already written about several of them on my Projects Pages, but I will probably start putting them here as well since this site is a bit easier to work with.

Utter Chaos MUD Engine

Several other members of Utter Chaos have been bugging me about this for quite some time. I promised them that I would build a new MUD engine for us to put our MUD on because I find most of the current MUD engines out there in the world to be either complete garbage or Not the Right Thing™.

As such, I've been designing a new engine that runs on Java and in Java. Check out UtterChaos Mud Engine in greater detail.

Utter Chaos Web Comic Engine

We need a comic update system for the TGAOL. This is where I work on it: Utter Chaos Web Comic Engine.