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Vorsaga is Nick, Z's "friend from Texas", high school bff, and UC's unofficial legal council. (Mostly during House-watching, when various "that's not legal!" "he can't do that!" becomes part of the conversation.) Vorsaga lived in the house for a month-ish summer '06 when she moved from Iowa to Boston to go to Law School. Her boy Eric and lovely cat Storm moved to join her, and now they party at Grey Citadel.

Other-wise... Vorsaga is a lover of wine, whiskey, wings - and beer. Mmm, beer. She also <3s larping, spinning (with fire or on foot), writing, and general hanging out.

The All Purpose Wishlist is a compilation of notes to herself of the neat things she wishes to own once she has her shiny lawyer salary. (She has the crazy aspiration of being a "Rich Uncle Nick" in the vein of "Rich Uncle Toh", but we'll have to see.)