Alternity Gerd

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Gerd is a psion, and a powerful one at that. She likes to shock people (3 so far) and set them on fire (1) if they try and hurt her. She's more likely than not to use her psionics to move/do things.

Description Female Fraal, age 100, 1.3 meters tall, 40kg weight.
Attributes: Curious, NN

Some security training, licensed psion.
Birthday: Jan 19

Stats and Stuff

STR (06) - Athletics
DEX (07) - Vehicle Operation
CON (08) - Stamina: Endurance
INT (14) - Knowledge: First Aide, Security: Protection, Sec. Devices
WIL (15) - Awareness: Empathy, Intuition, Perception, Investigate, Resolve: Mental
PER (10) - Interaction

PSIONICS: w/ crown of awesome (-2d4)

INT: Clairaudience (1), Clairvoyance (1)
WIL: (-d4) Electrokinetics (1), Kinetic sheild (1), Levitation (2), Photokinetics (1), Psychokinetics (6), Pyrokinetics (1)
PER: Contact (1), Datalink (2), Illusion (1), Mind blast (1), Psychic Projection (1)