Bad Party Ideas

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  • I Love the 80's: Exactly what it sounds like. Rainbow Brite, New Kids on the Block, and ET posters. Costumes: Big hair, leg warmers, side ponytails, and much glitter. Music by Bowie, screenings of Legend and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • I Never Wanted To Be In Politics Anyway: Questionable Adult party games, porn movies, and naked sushi. Fetish/risque costumes are required, or we simply take your clothes at the door. Much booze. Spanking Competition and Whose Bitch Is Prettiest Tied Up beauty contest. Meanwhile, a small cadre of people with cameras and video recorders are present and making admirable quantities of blackmail material. Webcams too, perhaps.
  • ...But I'm Not an Alien! Marathon of sci-fi's best and worst alien movies and/or mini series, a vote on the best inter-species couple in sci-fi literature, super-amazing extra-terrestrial costume competition, and alien design drawing contest available. Feel free to bring your strap-on ovipositor but be sure to acquire permission before laying your eggs in my chest.
  • Pasta Ride: Inspired by the Briermere Pie Rides on long island, only this time, we get a bunch of people together, bike 5 miles up the bike path into Lexington and go to the Vinny T's for lunch, and then bike home again. Oooh yeah.
  • Toh Party: Inspired by everyone's favorite Burmese dude. We invite Toh up, not telling him what's going on, and when he walks through the doors...he sees everyone in neat black clothing, with hair slicked/pulled back to mimic a buzz cut, holding a glass of wine with cocked pinkies. Titanium everywhere, as well as velcro. He'll have kittens. ADDENDUM: for music, Salvos Nos will be looping constantly as he enters, and we'll have to find a way to have a katana out on display, if not one for everyone. Condom water balloons will hang from the ceiling, and other penile parephenelia (beanie weenies, baby seal club etc) should be on hand, so to speak. If he flies in, I volunteer to go pick him up in my shiny hybrid car.