Bad Video Game Ideas

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  • Dr. Tetris puzzle fighter X-treme turbo: Tetris blocks with each single-cell block a different color. Connect four single blocks of the same color to eliminate. Cascade for combos to drop junk on your opponent.
  • Supar Smash PC turbo advanced: Characters from the hub, not-the-hub, utter-chaos, the longest road/alpha bravo, and other UC RP runs duke it out in 2D, trying to fling each other from the stage. Collect pizza, Mt. Dew and Cheetos to heal, and beat your opponents into submission with core rule books. Or, test your skills in adventure mode as you fight the major battles of the run in which your character was originally involved. Hub character adventure mode features Morrigu as the final boss.
  • Accordion hero: Need we say more? If you sign up for the pre-release you get not on the accordion controller but a pair of RedOctane suspenders and a jaunty little vest.
    • What about bad boy lederhosen? Y'know, with totally badass tribal silkscreens going up the side. Would you dare to rock the lederhosen, my friends?
  • Karaoke Revolution: Opera: Queen of the Night, excerpts from Wagner's "The Ring", a Puccini aria or could you go wrong?
    • Pre-release order comes with a crystal goblet; if you shatter via vocal sound-waves alone and send in the pieces, you get a bonus disc of Julie Andrews?
  • UC MUD: We're a little past the time that MUDs were relevant, aren't we? Still, could be fun to code.