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Game Design

This section contains my nuggets of wisdom on game design. Many of these articles refer to my livejournal entries.

I have also written game reviews for the MIT Tech, my college newspaper. You can search through their articles.


Your First Idea 4/21/05 (imported 12/05/05)

Elements of a good game 12/30/04 (imported 12/05/05)


Design documents, whee! 12/25/05

Game Concept

Genre Burnout (Part 1) 6/20/06

Action-Centered Design 2/5/06

90 seconds or bust! 12/15/05

Toy, Story, or Contest? 11/30/05

Great games are hard to describe 11/26/05


Guitar Hero 3 vs GH2: Immersion 11/01/07

Pink Packaging...yay 8/23/06

Dragon Quest 8 and localization 12/02/05

The Impact of Game Presentation 11/26/05

User Interface

80/20 rule and games 12/11/05

Challenge Design

Difficulty Adjustments in games 1/10/06

Action Games Boss Battles: Keep it interesting! 12/30/04 (Imported 12/07/05)

Bad games, good examples

My Non-rant of Megaman X6 (Old)


This covers issues outside the cartridge (or CD.) This has to do with business, software design, and developer happiness.

Sequels and Franchises

Pains of a Franchise: Katamari Damacy 3/20/06

Pricing and Data Protection

Enticing people to play games 4/18/06