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The Electronic Freedom Fighters (NOT that EFF) is a secret team based in the Neo Metropolis Institute of Technology (NMIT). They fight to defend the rights of electronic freedom from the tyrannical copyright forces of Big Content. In this world, Big Content has resorted to underground and illegal tactics to take on pirates and challenge the fundamentals of free information. The average person and especially colleges have become caught in the crossfire of illegal hacking, DOS attacks, DRM, spam, and malware. It is up to the EFF to protect the consumer's rights to privacy, information, and fair use.

What the world doesn't see is that the EFF is made up of a small team of college students that interface to the virtual world of the internet via neural interfaces in a secret research facility in a subbasement of NMIT. With a supercomputer cluster and an experimental quantum computer to assist them, they do battle inside the virtual space against the forces of Big Content.

The Team

The computer scientist
The team relies on him/her for recon, sensing, and strategy. Allissa P Hacker and Bob Bitdiddle...who/what/where/when/why/N/W are they? Is it one person? Or multiple?
The mathematician
Snobby Brit of minor nobility with a bit of his/her own wealth. Math Major. He tends to have major problems with people who don't know what they are talking about or do not use proper grammar.
The electrical engineer
Electronics, and Signal Processing. The first half of the repair squad for fixing the damaged equipment. The team's born again Christian Electrical Engineer. Performs special attacks based on Electricity and Magnetism.
The biomechanical engineer
Fabrication, Materials, Chemistry, and Biology. The other half of the repair squad for fixing the damaged equipment. He/she is the "healer" of the team and can repair the breakdown of the neural interface from inside virtual space. Special attacks drain another user's ability to operate inside the virtual realm by attacking their neural interface.
The HASS major
Art, Music, and Writing. He/she is the comic relief, but is also the most powerful fighter in the EFF. Publishes free information with the creative commons. Also shamelessly uses all kinds of other work for new material through fair use.