Halloween Party 2005

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So we partied and junk! Yeah... we should put up pictures and that list of people and stuff again. And maybe a quick synopsis.

Halloween Party 2005 Photos

Want the invite up too? Also, Kim has a great party review. -Zahnnie 12:22, 31 Oct 2005 (CST)

Ubernerd's Party Review!

Epileptic disco sex and other musings

Zahnnie, my friend, that was an excellent party. The selection of alcohol was impressive and wholly satisfying. I will admit to having drunk deeply from the Bar of Zahnnie in order to be able to witness Uncle Chester's inability to keep his grubby mitts off someone else. I will also proclaim that it took no less than three glasses of wine, a fuzzy navel, a whole glass of amaretto, some grey goose, a midori sour, and its illegitimate cousin the cointreau-cranberry sour in order to change my opinion of the situation from pathetic, cheesy, and tasteless, to downright humorous. Amazing that the power of alcohol will soothe the savage beast within. Well, almost. Come over some time and I'll tell you some stories of my drunken surliness after the fact. I even made a drunk biker say "Atta girl!"