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High School drama abounds when the Hub characters start taking classes.


  • Alex Asterix - Goofy, loveable football star. He's an only child and lives on a farm.
  • Gwen - Sweet-natured cheerleader who has trouble with her classes but is friends with everyone. She's living on her own.
  • Elly Fialy - Middle school kid who gets bussed up to the high school for half her day to take the really hard classes. Her parents are either never home or hardly ever pay attention to her.
  • Eugene "Stylus" Jones - Oldest of 9 siblings, head of the basketball team, and a good student.
  • Natalie "Nachta" Chase - Goth chick and leader of the antisocial clique. Her dad's stoned all the time and her mom is a high-powered CEO type who never visits. She plays bass in a band with Xellia.
  • Alexandria "Xellia" Harris - Mildly hyperactive punk girl and the class clown. On a constant quest to pull off the most awesome prank in school history. So far the cafeteria and two chemistry labs have fallen before her might. She's lead guitar and vocals in the band with Nachta.
  • Mr. Rupert Shathûr - Librarian. Guess who he's modeled after?