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Greywood is most simply just that -- a thickly wooded forest with a cluster of ancient trees that have mottled gray bark. These trees host a quiet elven village that lacks any other name, so most outsiders have taken to calling it Greywood. It is a restful, peaceful village that somehow contains more people and places than is immediately apparent. All the dwellings are up in the trees, connected by ropes and bridges, and the views are breathtaking. Some residents are common folk who are born and die there. Some are wanderers who come and go. Some are seasoned adventurers who have decided to retire to a quiet place, and leave their fame buried in the past.


An old wizard, and friend of TOM's, who practices the arts of the Arcane Avatar.
A young bard who occasionally studied with Tandrien. Friend of Ellowyn's.
A boisterous hunter who enjoyed dragging Ellowyn into mischief.
A quiet druid who usually helped bail Ellowyn and Azathael out of trouble.
Azathael and Lorindael's mother. The most accomplished healer in the village.