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Last Chapter

6 Blessing Moon, 1372

  • Getting the names from Zahn
    • First is Eryuaal, the silver wyrmling Marcus is caring for, who likes to talk to animals (shapechanged spies)
    • Second is Johann, an acolyte who cleans the temple of Bahamut in Sigil twice a week
    • Third is a githyanki courier/ranger named Pah'zel, she rides an ur'Epona and runs packages between planes, etc
      • She "totally fell in love with this githzerai and when the other githyanki killed him she left them"
      • Yeah right, she got too powerful and the lich queen was going to eat her
  • Releasing Zahn
  • Time to split the party! Vin will stay with Sil since Pazuzu has the black orb and Church of Tamara needs to go there for Aezma
  • Red orb given to The Old Man, also bath toys
  • Plane of Water time, excellent!
  • Evathyth reports that The Corridor, a demiplane of passage, is currently anchored on the Plane of Water, easy to travel there
    • Corridor has funny time, natural body stuff like healing happens super fast, etc (4 days apparent travel; 7 Blessing Moon - 10 Blessing Moon, bodies age at about 1 day/hour)
  • Arrival on Plane of Water (10 Blessing Moon)- immediately seized and taken into custody
    • Guards are super nervous and tense
    • Bring to main city of the merfolk, where party's intentions are questioned
      • We are totally merchants!
      • Do not interfere with our civil war, you pesky non-merfolk!
    • Meet up with Serahn and Vitaria (the archmage and his daughter)
      • Oh em gee, our civil war is ridiculous out of hand
      • Caste system where warrior caste rules, mages and priests advise; but an archmage Nemayon has seized control (and is mysteriously controlling bronze dragons)
      • He has the king Hatarn and 5-year-old princess Penaiah (Penny) captive; Prince Berreas doesn't dare move with those hostages
      • He wants the crown, but Hatarn won't tell him where Berreas is; they are worried if Nemayon tortures Penaiah then Hatarn will fold
      • Berreas's lover Arramincia (Arya) is in city rebel-rousing; Tari contacts her and gets Berreas' location
      • Cute father-daughter exchange; Serahn has custom-enchanted all Tari's gear so she is stacked
  • On to find Berreas and the rebellion so we can totally help!
    • On the way, ATTACK!!! A kraken and 5x dire sharks. (Suck my diiiiick, I'm a sharrrrk)
      • Ellowyn nearly gets nommed
      • Freedom of movement is awesome
    • The kraken had a nearby horde where it was keeping slaves (oh, slaves need FOOD...), woo treasure
    • Arrival! Berreas is a bit suspicious of the party but despite grumping about interfering mages, trusts TOM's advice
      • If Penny can be rescued, and let word get out that she is not a hostage any more (showing her around??), then that puts everyone in a better position
      • Nemayon must be baited such that he challenges Berreas; the crown?? Challenged one gets to pick weapons, so he can say No Artifacts (!!!)
      • Nemayon will probably cheat but if he does then FREE-FOR-ALL!!!
    • Plz enjoy our hospitality and this dry room to sleep in (swim n00bs!)

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