Lucia's Diary 8

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I'm a pretty good sketcher... a bunch of my friends think so anyway. Manny loved it, as did Maggie. Hm, maybe I need to get Maggie something also... but later... first, Manny!

We got to the capital, and holy crap this place is huuuge! The walls are so big, I don't think a stampede of T-Rexes could get through... maybe a bunch of Brachiosaurus could though... still, VERY cool place!

I decided to play hard to get, and not go to Manny, and see if that works better. So instead of going with him, I went with the rest of the group to church... oh, why did I do that? Church is so boring. I should have gone with Manny after all.

This weekend is some super cool shopping fare... I really need to get more money to spend... we better be able to return at some point... this city is great. Wait till I tell everyone back at home about this place!

We're going to go visit the empress tomorrow. I hear she's beautiful! I don't want to embarrass myself in front of someone so important, so I'm leaving Totoro behind... no way he's coming with his stinky breath and constant noise.

Dammit! They didn't let us see the empress, and from what Mara said, she's beautiful! And young too! I wish I could have seen her... oh well, not that it matters, not like I'd want to be in her shoes... I like being able to go into the wild and meet all sorts of different creatures much better than being stuck inside a palace all day, every day.

We got attacked in the inn! And all these eagles were useless... I need to have Totoro... he's much better, as much as I hate to admit that... maybe I need to start getting my own room cause he's smelly and noisy and I don't want to sleep in an inn sharing a room with 3 people like that... But these guys were sneaky... weird creatures I never saw before... really wish Totoro had been here... good practice for him. Turns out these were dark stalkers and creepers... these are creepy things. I better learn more about them as it seems they might have been hired and who knows if they'll come again.

Some officers came by afterwards and took their leader. Not sure how, but we'll try to go back to sleep...