Ratri and Gu's House Stuff List

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This is a general list of stuff we want, need, or will need, for our house. We haven't been careful about the order, and costs vary wildly. (We'll ultimately be using this as a checklist too, so we don't forget anything important).


  • New bathmat set (the bathroom itself is white, but I don't know what color "stuff" I want yet)
  • A surge suppressing PowerSquid
  • Bose Lifestyle V-20 home theater system
  • A universal weight machine


Goofy shopping lists

After move day

  • Two GFCI outlets with wall plates (For the basement and garage)

Already Perpetrated

  • New Fridge (Thanks Jeff&Nicole!)
  • Couch (Thanks Mom!)
  • Washer and Dryer (We wound up going with these: washer, dryer) (Thanks Mom!)
  • A Dyson DC-17 vacuum cleaner (Thanks Mom!)
  • Outdoor table and 4-6 chairs (Thanks Mom!)
  • Lawn mower (The push kind, or maybe self-propelled, but no fancy ride-on stuff.) (Thanks Mom, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Carol! We'll pickup from Essex on our way home from LI with the couch.)
  • A 22 inch Weber grill (Thanks Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Dick!)
  • A Wii (Thanks Chad, Ben, Jen, Steph, Meghan and Chris!)
    • Extra Wiimote and nunchuck
    • At least 1 classic controller
  • Wireless access point (probably an airport EXTREME!) (Thanks Meghan and Chris and...probably some other people)
  • A 37" or 40" LCD TV (Samsung has 37" and 40" LCD TV's that I like) (Thanks for the coupon, Mom)
  • A brass twist nozzle
  • One very simple overhead light fixture (for the closet)
  • plunger
  • An xbox 360 pro
  • A couch that fits through the front door
  • A Blu-ray player (Not the one we got, but close enough)