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The hobbit has quite a few addictions. The most numerous ones are those related to computers.


City of Heroes and City of Villains. - Because everyone plays fantasy-themed MMORPGs. And, dude. Superheroes.

Mythical Journeys


xForums - Definitely dead.
Zeta Channel - Son of xForums! Aaaagh! Well, it's better than xForums vs The Wolfman...
Quantum Muse
deviantArt - My own site there.
Go Fug Yourself - Bitchy celebrity-insulting with a side of fashion. Zesty!


The Onion - Mmmmm, the sweet smell of satire.
The Stranger
Salon - Good online news, and I like the Broadsheet blog.


My LJ and my Xanga. Recently a friend got me to create a MySpace account, but until I actually DO anything with it besides put snarky quasi-misinformation in my profile, it's not important.

Miscellaneous Things

  • BOOKS! Books and more books. At last count I have over 600. There's probably a lot more now, since I last counted in high school. I've given some away but I've bought a lot more. 600 seems...so puny, so there's probably a lot more. Someday I'll make a listing of what I have...just to scare people, of course. I know what I have, in that if you ask me if I have it I can tell you yes or no and where it is. I also know what I want in that I have a mental list of books I am always on the lookout for in stores, used stores, thrift stores, yardsales, etc... I do patronize libraries, but I prefer to own books. I prefer hardcovers for reading, paperbacks for my wallet (and storage, as they tend to be of uniform height). I have heard bibliophilia and obsessive book-owning called 'the gentle madness'. I agree.
  • Anything Lord of the Rings.
  • Hobbits.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Dragons, though not so much as I used to be...
  • Babylon 5. If you say that it's boring, slow, and talks too much, I will come to your house and cut you. If you say that it doesn't have enough hot chicks like that Diana Troy girl, may whatever deity you believe in intercede on your behalf.
  • Doctor Who. Jellybaby?
  • Drawing. Well, most crafty type things. I have yet to meet a visual art form I didn't like. Drawing is just the least messy and cheapest one of which I have made the acquaintance. Therefore it has the most excessive representation in my artistic pursuits.
  • Emerald Rose. Watch me squee...


There are a lot of these.

General Comics

Sluggy Freelance
Kevin and Kell
Something Positive
Queen of Wands -Ended. Wah!
Jin Wicked -Specifically, Crap I Drew On My Lunchbreak.
Wapsi Square
21st Century Fox
Sabrina Online
Friendly Hostility -Used to be Boy Meets Boy.
Two Lumps
Flatwood -Dark and very odd.
The Devil's Panties
Oh My Gods! -To quote the site, "the Pagan Based Comic Strip for the Polytheistic Masses."
Scandal Sheet
Badly Drawn Kitties - KITTIES.
Punch an' Pie
Marry Me - Really kinda cute.
Least I Could Do
Three Panel Soul - Probably could also go under gaming. Nice feel.
The Gods of Arr-Kelaan
Buck Godot, Zap Gun for Hire - Space adventure by Studio Foglio.
I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!! - Also space adventure!
Yu + Me - Shoujo-Ai. Also, cute.

Gaming Comics

Order of the Stick
Real Life
Penny Arcade
VG Cats
Elf Only Inn - It's Back! Wheeee! Damnit, it's gone again.
Goblins - Life through the eyes of everyone's favorite crunchy chunks of xp.

Fantasy Comics

Drow Tales - Moonless Age. And its sister comics Breach of Faith, Rebirth, Spiderborn (ended), and Longest Wait.
Earthsong Saga
The Wings of Change
DMFA -Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. I'm allowed to be girly sometimes, damnit...
Errant Story - I love Poe. Someday I will be able to draw like that.
The Midlands - Currently in the story arc heliothaumic. Punk coder elf chicks are hot.
Zebra Girl - Now that is a cool demon.
Mixed Myth - Ended, but even so, you must go and read the archives now. NOW.
Inverloch - Very nicely done art, decent story.
Sorcery 101 - Pretty good.
Girl Genius - Gaslamp fantasy! By Studio Foglio.
One Question - Preeeeetty...
Darken - You know the runs where the GM specifies that no one may have a Good alignment? It's a run like that made into a comic. Sarcasm abounds.
Crowfeathers - (native american spirits + angels + many bishi) * wild wild west = Pure Win.
Last Blood - Not sure if this is fantasy, what with the zombies and vampires and postapocalyptic Nebraska and the guns and the vampires fighting zombies with katanas and junk... But it's still awesome.
Flaky Pastry - Now with 100% more flakiness!
Gunnerkrigg Court