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On our quest for artifacts and minor artifacts, we have the following issues:

What we need to do

  • Major artifacts needed: tolfin, berlin
  • Major artifact with prerequisites of minor artifacts: malric
  • minor artifacts: whale bay, tolfin, sailor's rest,
  • Item for fetch quest: mage's tower
  • Return knife to: skryfe

Times to get places

  • sailor's rest is 2 days from berlin
  • Tolfin is 3 days from berlin
  • skryfe is 5 days from berlin
  • mage's tower is 4 days from skryfe
  • capitol is 3 to 4 days from skryfe
  • capitol is 4 days from tolfin
  • whale bay is 3 days from capitol
  • malric is 2-3 days from capitol
  • malric is 2 day from kraken bay
  • kraken bay is 1 day from whale bay

The plan!

  1. day 1. berlin: 1 day
  2. day 6. sailor's rest and back: 5 days
  3. day 7 group 1 goes to Tolfin: 3 days. Group 2 goes to skryfe: 5 days
  4. day 10 group 1 spends 3 days in tolfin.
  5. day 12 group 2 arrives in skryfe. spends 1 day in skryfe
  6. day 13 group 1 leave tolfin for capitol: 4 days. and group 2 leaves skryfe for mage's tower: 4 days.
  7. day 17: group 1 arrives in capitol, and group 2 arrives in mage's tower.
  8. day 18: Asterra teleports with fish to malric. assume success and group 1 leaves for whale bay: 3 days. Group 2 leaves for skryfe: 4 days
  9. day 19: Asterra teleports to skryfe
  10. day 21: group 1 arrives in whale bay and spends 2 days getting minor artifact.
  11. day 22: group 2 regroups in skryfe. and start for malric through capitol: 8 days
  12. day 23: group 1 leaves for Kraken bay.
  13. day 24: group 1 leaves Kraken bay for Malric
  14. day 26: group 1 arrives in malric.
  15. day 30: regroup in malric. turn in minor artifacts, collect major one (complete mini quest)
  16. day 31: leaves for skryfe via the capitol. 8 days.
  17. day 39: back to skryfe with all the things

What actually happens

  • Wednesday, 8/23. Been in Sailor's Rest 1 day and have gotten the pearl. Heading back to Berlin tomorrow.
  • Thursday, 8/24. Leave for Berlin. Attacked by owlbears that night
  • Friday, 8/25. Raid owlbear nest. Get to Berlin in the afternoon. Sell stuff, stay overnight in Berlin.
  • Saturday, 8/26. Split the party.
  • Wednesday, 8/30. Party 1. In Tolfin, found merchant with chalice of the tides (minor artifact). Used diplomacy to convince him to lend it to us, with an IOU for returning it.
  • Thursday, 9/1. Got the Medallion of the Plains off a stallion at the temple of Enox, with a handle animal check. That's the major artifact, and we're done with Tolfin. Party 2 arrives in Skryfe. Stuff happens. Dinner with Asterra's family
  • Saturday, 9/3. Party 2 leaves Skryfe with Asterix. Party 1 leaves Tolfin
  • Tuesday, 9/6. Party 1 arrives at the capitol. Party 2 arrives at North tower.
  • Wednesday, 9/7. Party 1 leave the capitol for whale bay. Party 2 buys fish and Asterra fails her teleport check to get back to malric and will try again tomorrow. They eat the fish, and the rest of party 2 heads back to Skryfe with Asterix.
  • Thursday, 9/8. Asterra tries to teleport with the fish again. It succeeds and she delivers the fish, gets the golden shells, delivers them to the temple in malric, and stays there overnight.
  • Friday, 9/9. Asterra teleports home to Skryfe.
  • Saturday, 9/10. Party 1 arrives in whale bay and needs to get the Conch Shell Horn. It's in the temple. They will give it to us but need a day or two to confirm that their spells will replace its effect while it's gone.
  • Sunday, 9/11. Party 2 regroups in Skryfe, then leaves for capitol.
  • Monday, 9/12. Party 1 takes the ferry from whale bay to kraken bay.
  • Tuesday, 9/13. Party 1 leaves kraken bay for malric.
  • Thursday, 9/15. Party 1 arrives in malric and hands over the remaining minor artifacts.
  • Friday, 9/16. Maggie does a thief guild subquest and now has a thing to deliver in the capitol.
  • Monday, 9/19. Party 2 arrives in Malric and we regroup. Get last artifact.
  • Tuesday, 9/20. Leave for capitol
  • Thursday, 9/22. Arrive in capitol, finish subquest.
  • Friday, 9/23. Leave capitol, head to skryfe
  • Monday, 9/26. Arrive in skryfe. destroy the world.