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Body: 10

Mind: 8

Soul: 10

ACV: 9

DCV: 7

HP: 100

Shock: 20


Attribute Level Notes
Alternate Form 1 Full shapeshift and Viveka retains all stats, skills, attributes, defects; Can shift into the form of anyone she's tasted in the past; Restriction: phobia of mirrors. See below.
Natural Weapons 1 Claws: +10 in melee
Heightened Senses 3 Hearing: +6 Check Value
Nullify (Drain) 1 Reduces level of one of target's Attributes; linked to Mimic Powers
Mimic Powers 1 Mimics one Attribute/Stat/Skill of target; linked to Nullify (Drain)
Soul food: Special Attack 2 Drain Soul; penetrates armour; disability of melee only; +40 damage. Vivy eats souls. Low carb, low fat, low cal!
Fear: Special Attack 2 Aura, Area Effect, Irritant; No Damage (+20). Vivy makes anyone within 2m of her afraid. Like they need much encouraging...
Gadgets 1 TOA ID, one vial of poison, one vial of antidote, one multitool, one portable chem lab/cooking kit.
Highly Skilled 9 Skillful.


Defect BP Notes
Phobia 3 Severe phobia of mirrors/highly reflective surfaces; Alternate Form ends with enough mirrors
Phobia 1 Dislike of crowds. Causes psychic indigestion.
Unappealing 2 As pretty as a strung-out street kid on a bad hair day.
Marked 1 See above about strung-out street kid, plus clawed hands.
Dependent 2 Cannot use Mimic Powers without Nullify (Drain)


Skill Level Notes
Poisons 4 natural poisons: creating, identifying, nullifying
Domestic Arts 5 Tasty tasty pie.
Unarmed Attack 5 Specialty: strikes.
Unarmed Defense 5 Specialty: strikes.
Stealth 4 Stealthiness.
Performing Arts 3 Infiltration, disguising/mimicking identity.


Item Type Notes
Leather Jacket Mundane Provides minimal armor; long sleeves give some disguise
Handful of gold coins Mundane Loots!
Piece of paper Mundane Certificate of defeating Slashz0r.
Banana Mundane Potassium!
Trashy Romance Novel Mundane Forbidden Liasons of the Sunlit Coast. Signed by the author, "To my good friend Diiman". For educational purposes.
Ballerina Music Jewelry Box Mundane Made by The Mechanic. Very cute and pretty.


Like poltergeists or children's imaginary friends, the doppelgänger belongs to the class of Others directly created by human minds. The specific circumstances of its creation are not as yet understood and the creatures are extremely rare. However, there is one in residence at the Agency. Her name is Viveka and she lives in Residential Room #144. This is the room with the two large signs reading "Do Not Disturb Without Clearance" and "Knock Loudly Before Entering."

The word "doppelgänger" is of German derivation, and most seem to originate in that part of the world. It means "double-walker", and the newly formed doppelgänger is just that; a ghostly imitation of a living human. It is a nonlethal psychic parasite with a sort of umbilical to its maker. A new doppelgänger is insubstantial and not self-aware. Most do not survive. The most common failure is to manifest within sight of the host, so that observers utterly disbelieve in the illusion. The creature then discorporates entirely. Similarly, being presented with a mirror or other highly reflective surface can destroy the fragile creature; it casts no reflection and so perhaps disbelieves itself into oblivion... Discorporation is common, and because of this it's unusual for the Agency to need to deal with a doppelgänger.

Sometimes, however, a doppelgänger survives this initial fragility and enters short periods of substance and thought, though most of its existence is still ghostlike. Viveka seems to have had minimal contact with her host, and after a few years she 'fledged' as she puts it, breaking the psychic umbilical. Choosing a newly built house as her territory, Viveka fed on the house's residents bylow-grade psychic draining via direct contact (usually done in the donor's sleep). After feeding she would temporarily have her meal's shape. A few generations passed and the house unsurprisingly got a reputation for being haunted. It was abandoned, which by then suited Viveka just fine.

Viveka's periods of coporeality and sentience had lengthened and her need for contact feeding dwindled to nothing. Once she began to exist off of ambient psychic energy alone she grew aggresively territorial, driving all curious trespassers from her house. Eventually her shape-shifting came under conscious control, and soon after she was permanently aware and physical. Finally she acquired a true form and named herself. This all took nearly two centuries to happen, and in that time as hobbies Viveka studied cooking and poisons. We assume that the fact she does not actually eat is why she thinks this is a logical pairing.

Exceedingly few doppelgängers develop into fullly independent, sentient beings. Agency protocols state that those who reach this stage are offered either a place in the organization or imprisonment/termination. Viveka chose to join the Agency and was given medium-sized quarters for her use, which she filled with books and a something that is both a kitchen and a poisons lab. She now stays in her quarters unless she must leave for an assignment. Agents who visit her warn her in advance, and are greeted with fresh delicious pie and the newest batch of toxins for Main Lab. She does not have many visitors.

In her true form Viveka appears as a waiflike human woman four and a half feet tall, with wild black hair, sallow skin, dark sunken eyes, and purplish lips. Her hands have long knobbled fingers ending in blackened claws. When she is out in public, she wears baggy pants, shirt, and a coat with deep pockets for her hands. She does not go out often; Viveka says that too many people too close give her indigestion. Having an adult doppelgänger to study has expanded our knowledge of the creatures. They retain their weakness to mirrors, for example, and while one will not kill Viveka, enough can cause her enough discomfort to end a shapeshift. The Agency's records also now show that adult doppelgängers can drain dangerous amounts of psychic energy if they use contact-feeding. Viveka, at least, uses this offensively. Between the claws and her psychic paratism, she is occasionally of great use to the Agency, though she is not recommended for diplomatic missions.

Future Improvements

  • editing and slimming of that damn novella of a character history.
  • Make either special attack more awesome
  • Regen

Remaining cp: 3