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  • Draw
  • Ink
  • Scan
  • Color
  • Assemble
  • Add dialogue
  • Post

Stuff can be done in rotational sequence if we have 3 people--one to draw/ink/scan, one to color, and one to assemble/write/post. We need a reasonable set of deadlines and based on how long it takes us to do each, that'll dictate how often we post them.

Also, we need a web page. :)

Here's some stuff we came up with for the evil-villains comic:

Main Plot

The super villain main character of our story is currently trying to live a normal life and actually retire. He has a nice house and one steady roommate, though he occasionally rents out his extra room to former cohorts, or possibly wannabees of the super hero or villain type. He's making serious effort towards not using any powers in his new life, but finds this difficult, because it makes things so much easier. Wacky hijinks ensue when old allies and enemies try to influence his new life. Also, dating can be difficult.

Cast of Characters

Plot ideas

Art Style and direction