The Lapine Sorceress

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The very silly idea here is that a marginally magically gifted and mean-hearted man became a stage magician. One of the few real magics he could do was to teleport one small living being to him, and so the highlight of his act was "pulling" a rabbit out of a hat. However, if you see superheroes walking down the street everyday, this is not impressive. The man became a failure, went alcoholic, took to abusing and neglecting his animals, what a sad story.

So after years of being yoinked around by magic, the rabbit came out of a routine teleport humanoid and with magical powers. She killed her master horrifically, stole all the money and carrots from a supermarket, then hopped it to the Rogue Isles and lived happily ever after violently assaulting people.

But really... I just wanted to make a psychic Dom, and the bunny ears are such a cute costume piece. That's my real excuse.


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