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omg, omg, my own page!!! pant, pant, runs in circles, falls down -- WHOOMP. That was fun. I'll just keep doing that for a while. --Diva 13:35, 27 November 2006 (EST)


LOOKIT ME, LOOKIT ME, IN MY GALLERY: Diva (snorting, snuffly laugh; I'm a pug-poet.)

Or, admire my album (3 Dee videos): Photobucket


GIMME, GIMME, GIMME: Diva's Wishlist


My birthday is soon! Details and invites soon to follow... as soon as I figure out how to write without thumbs.... --Diva 13:26, 31 May 2007 (EST)

UPDATE: My mistress proposes Saturday, June 30th for a joyous romp in the great outdoors, with sun, fun, and gifts all for ONE! Me! Your Major Diva gave you an order, soldier! As for locale, I think the puppy-beach of Horseneck was most pleasant for all concerned (things for me to sniff, and some stretches of decent beach for my peeps to lay out on...), and FREE! (If the date is horrific, or the distance to the place too tremendous, do please notify.) --Diva 12:49, 21 June 2007 (EST)

6/14/07: I have once again GRADUATED!! While once I condescended to comingle with the populace of peons in Advanced Beginner, now I am more properly recognized among the elite in Novice and Rally!! I am being "groomed," I am a "representative," I am "a rising star!" Well, of course. So I say to the adoring, lesser-than-me masses that, though unworthy, I allow to worship at my paws: TAKE IT, BITCHES! --Diva