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I'm living Over Utter Chaos with my familiar, Kayley. I spend my time doing office work, sewing, woodworking, leatherworking, metalworking, needlepointing, and getting my teachers' license. (Lies, I spend all of my time futzing around with Mark and falling asleep before nine o'clock).

Currently, I have an addiction to LUSH products and enjoy visiting the gym at five o'clock in the morning. Or I did. I got in a minor car accident on Valentine's day so now I spend all of my time recovering from whiplash - which is also why half of my LUSH wishlist is massage bars and sleep/relaxation aids.

Oh right, and a bunch of cultists seem to think I'm their High Priestess of Cthulu. Fhtagn on, kids.

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The Hub 2, Pathfinder run by Morrigu - Maraniel, a disgruntled cleric.

Divine Detritus, Pathfinder Roll20 run by Chaddius - Hannelore Tentoes, the vicious 2'11" Halfling Barbarian.


Vampires run by Morrigu - Magdalena Schreiss, Malkavian seamstress.

Farscape run by Derek - T'ania, a pirate captain making her crew.

Live Action


Keystone - Shen Juan, a warrior monk.