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Vorsaga is Nick, Z's "friend from Texas", high school bff, and UC's unofficial legal council. (Mostly during House-watching, when various "that's not legal!" "he can't do that!" becomes part of the conversation.) Vorsaga lived in the house for a month-ish summer '06 when she moved from Iowa to Boston to go to Law School.

Other-wise... Vorsaga is a lover of wine, whiskey, wings - and beer. Mmm, beer. She also <3s larping, spinning (with fire or on foot), writing, and general hanging out.

The All Purpose Wishlist is a compilation of notes to herself of the neat things she wishes to own once she has her shiny lawyer salary. (She has the crazy aspiration of being a "Rich Uncle Nick" in the vein of "Rich Uncle Toh", but we'll have to see.)