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Halllooooaaah, Nurse!

Riddle me this: My mummy wants a PDA for to read her homework assignments during downtimes at her job--she works in a factory, so no PC access, but she is taking University of Phoenix courses, so all her stuff is on ebooks, and she doesn't want to print them all out just to read at work. I'd like to place an order for her for Mummies' Day; any suggestions for brands/models that might treat her well? --Caryatid 09:16, 11 May 2006 (EST)

UPDATE: My mom quit her heinous job (as her doctor recommended, saying that she could try to bring suit against them, but everyone else who's tried to do so passed away before anything came to fruition...), so now she is a lady of relative leisure, and could have her coursebooks read aloud to her by burly mountain men while they hand-feed her grapes, if she wasn't so busy chasing puppies and goats -- but now that she is soon to receive a Christmas Roomba, she can have her robot do the chasing!

{Also, her job was going to refuse allowing her to bring a PDA to work, because she might be using it to beam industrial secrets to someone naughty -- in fact, they also told her she couldn't wear her fancy pacemaker-esque thingy at work, because it has some kind of uplink built-in, to track and report her stats, and she could possibly perform espionage with it, apparently. It's obvoious these supposed "heart attacks" were a coverup. And who's ever heard of a "stroke"? Who does this lady think she's fooling? Not us, by gum! Unreasonable? Inhumane? Paranoid? Who, us? Who told you that?!}

On an entirely different note: FYI, Diva and I both ain't goin' nowheres for Christmas, so if you're around and feeling blue, come see me, and puppy too! --Caryatid 12:18, 18 December 2006 (EST)