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Amazon.com Wish List [1] Thinkgeek Wish List [2]

Sports Stuff:

  • Snowbard Bindings, Pads, goggles
  • New, sexy winter shell - no more all black!
  • Season pass somewhere with good green slopes for to learn.


  • Beer: Amberbock, UFO Raspberry Heffevisen, Sam Adams Seasonals (all of them, especially Octoberfest), Old Feziwick's Ale, Carona (w/ lime!)
  • Wine: Red Diamond, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Scotch: Aberlour, Oban, Bruchladdic (Awesome B-day Scotch), Johnny Walker: Red, Green (or Blue <3)
  • Whiskey: Jameson, Jameson (12 year)
  • Vodka: Vox - Green Apple (Wow, it's smooth!)
  • Tequila: Don Julio, Sauza: Hornitos