Wine Drinking Party 2005

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The Invite: Well, Roger and I had drafted a truly epic invitation to our next party- full of drunken misspellings and humorously non sequitur comments- but we lost it when we broke his computer. Curse you, alcohol! So you'll have to settle for this more sober invitation.

Some people have wine tasting parties. You gather around with a bunch of types of wine, take a sip and then spit it into a bucket. Well, we don't believe in wasting good wine by spitting it into a bucket; so this is a Wine Drinking Party. Bring a bottle of your favorite, and something nice and munchy to go with it. Like cheese, or dessert.

RSVP or we take your clothes at the door. We're not kidding.

The party will take place on Saturday, March 12th. (RSVP.) We'll get things kickin in late afternoon-ish, so come over whenever (assuming you RSVP). All SO's and lovemonkeys are welcome (though you should RSVP for them as well as yourself). If we left them off this list it's just cause we didn't have their emails. :)

Love, Your Friends at Utter Chaos (Steph, Roger, Chad, Morgan, Chris, Meghan, Cat, George, Pixel, Bearcub, and Jerry)

The Guests (and their wine)

  • Toh (5 bottles white, 3 red)
  • Ben, Jen, and probably Jerrod (white, and cheese and crackers!)
  • Kim (port or red)
  • DKK and his fiance Kristien
  • Redcat (white or blush)
  • Hernan (whatever is needed)
  • Pat
  • Steve Patten
  • Andrew

From Z and Aurora's work:

  • Loren (red)
  • Catherine (rose) and Jeff (white?)
  • possibly Gillian

From Ratri's work:

  • Julie (maybe wine, maybe some italian bread to go with our pasta)
  • Jess (& maybe her bf Chris) (leaving early)

Ardonite confirmed:

  • Val
  • Kurisu
  • Zev
  • Ranson

The Wine We Drank

We should list the wine bottles we killed. :)