Winter-een-mas 2009

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Utter Chaos will be hosting a Winter-een-mas open house party Jan 23-25. Hooray! For those who aren't complete geeks, Winter-een-mas is a week-long holiday celebrating the fine world of gaming. This will be the sixth year that Winter-een-mas has been in existence, and our fourth Weemas party. (

Please feel free to drop in any time -- but keep in mind that during the earlier hours of morning (e.g. 4-9 or so) there may not be anyone awake to let you in. There will be as many different types of games as we can scrape together (we've got two Wiis and an XBox360. This will probably have Rock Band 2 on for a good bit of time, but if you have cool 360 games feel free to bring them), and also snacks and such. There will be periodic food orders from local restaurants, and we should be able to provide crash space for people who wish to stay overnight (bringing a sleeping bag will make this easier).

Some games will be generally available, and some are scheduled. To see the scheduled activities, go to The schedule may be updated as Winter-een-mas gets closer. If you would like to GM a one-shot or organize any kind of scheduled gaming activity, please reply to this email and give a quick description of what you would like to do and when. We'll post it on the schedule page.

If you would like to play any game (or have any RP books that may come in handy) feel free to bring whatever you would like. We strongly suggest putting your name on it.

If you have a Wiimote, feel free to bring it. DEFINITELY put some sort of label on it. Ours will be distinguished by various beads and such on the strap, etc. Same on your DS; many folks have 'em, many look the same.

Game Locations

Invite List (so far)

  • Ben & Jen
  • Ubernerd
  • Caryatid
    • This is the same weekend as the Boston Wine Expo, so I shall attend Weemas at some point, but at most other points I will be pouring the blood of tortured fruits in my mouth, and entertaining Miss Val.
  • Rykilde
  • Kit
  • Toh
  • Dylan
  • Fox
  • Dennis & Missa
  • Zack & Tasha
  • Boom
  • Mach
  • Ben & Pixie
  • Symmetry
  • Red Cat
  • Chmrr
  • Timur & Lois
  • Vorsaga
  • Eric
  • Emily & Nikki
  • Hernan & Brenda
  • Giovanni
  • Jorge
  • Regis (Aurora's coworker)
  • John and Bertha
  • DKK & Family?
  • Natan
  • modest list from Steph of LARP friends (to be added)
  • Chris' Office (Ari, Rich, Joyce, Liz) + Daniel & Andy
  • Nicole Fellows
  • Tiger

Pencil & Paper Runs

Super Justice Squad

This year I'm planning 2 runs! One will play each day.

We're using BESM 3rd edition. Most die rolls consist of "roll 2 six-sided die, add bonus, and see if it's above a target number" so it should be easy.

The characters are pregenerated; click on the link to read up on the founding members (and who you'll be playing as.)

Pageant of DOOM!

DOOMoppolis!, the intergalactic tyrant is close to destroying the universe... again! The final step? An interdimensional talent show. The Super Justice Squad must prevent DOOMoppolis! from winning this year's pageant...or be DOOMed!

Super-Duper Open House!

It's that time of year again. The time a bunch of newbies head over and try to join the SJS. You'll need to set up the location, make sure everything's alright, ensure members don't make fools of themselves and repel invaders. Y'know, the usual.