Zahnnie's Booze List

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These are a few of my favorite things.

Red Wine

  • Tenuta Delle Terre Nere, 'Calderara Sottana' 2004 - my favorite wine that Federal is sold out of. I found it on Teh Internets here.
  • Basically any shiraz ever, I love it so much

White Wine

  • Any Dr. Loosen, especially the Bernkasteler Kabinett
  • 2004 Sergio Motturo Grechetto - there is a cute porcupine on it too
  • Burgundy from St. Aubin

Dessert Wine

  • ...Icewine. Mmm.
  • The Moscato from my Traveling Vineyards tasting


  • I like me the Glenfiddich.
  • I like MORE the Blackadder.
  • I also like me the Glenfarclas.
  • Balvenie Portwood is nummy. (Doublewood is pretty good too, but Portwood is better.)