Zahnnie's Wish List

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Birthday: 11/4.

Things I Want

  • Burr grinder for coffee
  • Nice beer glasses
  • iPhone-friendly speaker dock. For the kitchen. So small is good (or wall mountable)
  • Business card holder, a pretty one
  • New laundry hamper. It needs to have a small footprint because I don't have a lot of space... but I do also wish I had a sorting one (lights/darks). I dunno, I'll keep my eye open. (The linked one is pretty.)
  • A messenger bag of extreme loveliness
  • T-shirt that lets me Pose as a Team, 'cause shit just got real! (Ladies L)
  • This OOTS shirt of awesome. In black or blue works.
  • And my axe! shirt
  • Curtains for dining nook, dark blue (I have the stiff stuff to fix em)
  • Luxurious bath caddy so I can truly be opulent in the tub. Seriously, reading and drinking wine in the bathtub is one of my favorite things to do.
  • A wine fridge of some sort. The cheapest I've found are $150/6 bottle at BloodBath, and 6 is really just not enough.
    • Target has some cheaper options but many are ugly and/or sketchy. It would have to have an easily adjustable temperature with display and racks shaped specifically for bottles (scallopy).
  • ZipCar gift certificates for zipping about.


  • Dresden Files RPG books One and Two

Video Games

  • Fallout 3 GOTY

Kitchen Stuffs

    • Sausage stuffer attachments
    • The big pasta attachment, and ravioli attachment
  • Pasta cutting/crimping wheel
  • Molcajete for guacamole delight

LARP/Faire Stuff

  • More stuff from Moresca!
    • I got and am in love with the Khadija! I also got the blouse and cuffs and belt that go with it, as well as a skirt. The blouse is Icon Olive, the skirt Icon Oxblood.
    • Next: I want Sufi pants in Icon Aubergine for more options! Then I want everything in Olive and Oxblood...
    • Could use a good utility Max or to-die-for Max 2.
    • And I really like their Mega Medieval this year. Heck I basically want everything. Let's make a shopping trip next open house!
  • Bellydancing skirt in colors to match...
  • Tassel belt of joy
  • Oooh, like every freakin' dress, crown, belt, and pair of shoes from ArmStreet (Nick, you'll like this site)


  • Cooking classes at Capone Food

Drag Glam

Our current drag kit, and wishes:

  • Awesome rainbow palette
  • More wigs from the place across the street in Union
  • Sephora and Mac gift cards :) there's just so much!