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Zelda as she grows

June: Zelda in early June

July: Zelda in early July. Note the increase in fur on the carpet. :(


We've chosen Zelda, the white-and-biscuit girl puppy. In the pictures below, she's the one with the floppiest ears. She's supposed to grow into them, but they still flop over at the top right now. We're getting her used to being with us instead of with the other puppies.

It was a very hard choice--they're all really, really cute. Zelda's eyes are each brown on the top and blue on the bottom.

The dogs have all been given names except for the black-and-white girl, who has been adopted already. There's Jasmine, Ziggy Stardust (formerly David Bowie dog), Zelda, and Indiana.

Previous details

We will be choosing one of the following puppies from Nyb's family, to bring home to live with us and be our first dog. Their mom is a Husky and their dad is a Samoyed, so they are Shmushky puppies.

Nyb's mom has named one of the girl dogs Jasmine. She is an all-white girl with two blue eyes. The other two all-white puppies are probably heterochromatic (the boy definitely is). The black-and-white girl is probably short haired, and the rest of them are long haired. The all-white girl is actually white-and-biscuit with a vaguely husky pattern, but Nyb's mom isn't sure that will stick as she ages.

Top row: Jasmine, Ziggy. Bottom row: Zelda, Indy, b/w girl

Top row: Ziggy. Bottom row: b/w girl, Jasmine, Indy, Zelda

Top row: Ziggy. Bottom row: b/w girl, Jasmine, Indy, Zelda

Ziggy, Zelda, Indy

Ziggy, Zelda, Indy

Ziggy, Jasmine, Zelda, Indy

Indy and Ziggy