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Attention, all you Teams out there! Word on the road says there's been a big, big find out there! All the major players are keeping quiet but I hear there's a big reward for whoever finds it! A clean bill of health to keep you going? All charges wiped off your record? Or maybe you just want a big sack of cash.

Whatever your motivation is, I'm sure you and everyone else will be out there, racing to the goal. Just remember ol' Gabsy when you're sharing some of that sweet loot.


Large corporations fight over control in a world run by bandits and recovered technology. Corporations hire Teams to find Ancient Technology, protect/control villages, and fight off rival Teams/bandits.

Expect to see:

  • Vehicular combat and escape
  • Fast talking, manipulatin' the foolhardy, dumb and gullible
  • Constructing cars, hot air balloons, and makeshift tanks with equipment lying around in prisons
  • Exploring ruins of lost civilization, disabling traps and wacky wayside tribes
  • No one dies! Everyone surrenders or gives up.


This system will use BESM Third Edition.

  • Expect increased costs for vehicle usage, gadgeteer/engineering and gun use.
  • Plan on how to infiltrate bases and other known locations. Preparation is key!

Death and Defeat

  • Living creatures never die; people surrender when they run out of morale. Psychological damage bonuses will be added for strategic value.
  • Machines and automata are not affected by psycological disadvantages, but they are destroyed when they run out of HP.

Car Combat enhances everything

  • RAMPS! modify everything
    • Damage is amplified
    • Travel is amplified
    • Success and failure are greatly modified
    • Crashing off a ramp = major damage
  • Car chases will be drawn on a map


With cars as the main mode of travel and planes hard to find/keep, the government depends on corporations to control their sectors. Corporations try to out do each other by buying out competitors.

Major Countries


A large importer and cultural melting pot, this country is huge, accepting people from several countries and regions. Its government is also the weakest, distributed between several rulers of various ethical and moral bents. This country has a lot of Ancient Technology; much more found here than in other countries.

  • Focus on treasure hunting culture
  • Very frontiers-like
  • Expansionist attitude


Ginzel is its current name, titled after the currently richest person in the land (he's also the emperor.) Ginzel follows the dollar, inventing New Technology and trying to one up each other in the business space.


A militaristic nation led by an Emperor. Large importer of electronic weaponry from Ginzel.

  • Military Training for all able-bodied children
  • Large military force
  • Largest prisons and correction facilities in the world
  • Exporter of mercenaries, guards and soldiers of fortune


These are stories I thought up to properly describe the mood of the run and what I'm looking for.


  • The A Team - Car travel is important and prevalent. Once an episode the team builds something incredible. The team consists of soldiers of fortune who had to run away from the army for crimes they didn't commit. Everyone lives! Also the introduction is pure awesome.
  • Duck Tales - The joy of finding old riches and ancient tools. Extremely compatible old technology

NPC Bucket

Here are examples of NPCs you should expect to see.

The Burnouts

This family of rich daredevils and risk takers like to drive fast cars and engage in insanely dangerous drag races across the country. The Burnouts revel in car crashes, racking up as much damage as possible. The members have a remarkable ability to survive the car crashes they've been through.


Markos is a worldwide class bodybuilder.