Chocolate Tasting Party

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Chocolate Tasting Party

Just what it sounds like! Anything chocolate we can think of, in small enough portions for everyone to taste everything. Different kinds of chocolate, different brands of chocolate, nationalities, and of course, cakes, cookies, candies, and any other chocolate confections we can come up with.

White chocolate can count as chocolate for the purposes of this party.

Some ideas for chocolates we can taste:

  • Brighter than the darkest night: highest cocoa contents we can find.
  • Mexican hot chocolate
  • Mexican chocolate cookies (like the cocoa but in chewable form)
  • Morrigu's hot chocolate ice cream (or some variant thereof?)
  • Mole (uh, someone fix this. does it have an accent or something? I don't know how to spell it.)
  • Home-made truffles
  • Home-made hot fudge
  • Chocolate-covered anything
  • Flavored chocolates: black tea, green tea, mint, citrus (perhaps), pineapple, champagne, cinnamon...what have you.

I wonder if rum and chocolate would work? I like rum.Symmetry 13:06, 12 Aug 2005 (EDT)

I made Ardonite a chocolate rum cheesecake for his b-day one year. Ask them how it was :) --Ratri 09:32, 13 Aug 2005 (EDT)