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Happy fun links to wiki stuff:

Ratri enjoys deep sea fishing and long walks on the beach. Her favorite type of pie is human baby, and she enjoys listening to the screams of the damned. She has a soft spot for marmosets and lemurs, especially ones riding turtles. The best way to get on her good side is to offer her a box of Legos.

Turnons: Blue marlins, wooden dowels, fur coats, and hurlbats.

Turnoffs: Citrus, anal probes, kids wailing really hard on guitars, and pirates. Except Johnny Depp.

Ratri's favorite game is the original NES "Righteous Chaps". "Ninjas have kidnapped the Prime Minister. Are you a righteous enough chap to rescue the Prime Minister?"

Ratri pwns h4rdk0r.


Well, after that lovely summary of my entire being, I'd like to say that was totally unrelated. :)

And since I am currently super-bored at work and they blocked oMUD from connecting, I figured maybe I should put something else up here. But I couldn't really allow myself to disturb this lovely preamble, so there it is.

I, the aforementioned Ratri, have never been deep-sea fishing, but do have a soft spot for fish. They're so cute! Especially the cool deep-sea ones. Long walks on the beach are kinda long, but short walks on the beach are nice. :)

On the human baby pie count...I have to say I still have a bit of a thing against babies, pie or not. I am still waiting until that either wears off, or science finds me a way to have kittens. No hairball comments, please.

Turtles are cute. Couldn't tell you about marmosets or lemurs, though the Yaks' pet marmoset is pretty silly, and obnoxious, all at the same time. Especially when it tries to mate with the weapons rack. Haha. She said "rack."

Turnons: smart people, pretty people, creative people, niffty people, and magnesium metallic 2005 honda civic hybrids named Kurama. And hurlbats.

Turnoffs: dumb people, annoying people, stupid people, asshats, coffee, citrus and uh, did I mention idiots yet? Morons? Right.

My favorite game doesn't mean much 'cause it changes every week, but this week it's popcap's Heavy Weapon. There's nothing quite as funny as blowing shit up.

Let's see. Not that anyone reads this far when it's stupid drivel. Just finished reading I Robot. The autobiography at the end was the funniest friggin thing ever. I'm sure I'll be too lame to update this so I bet that'll be there forever. If you really want to see some of my stuff, I have a real web page too so go look at that. ;)

I should go put up some stupid stuff for all my RP characters for the runs people have in here.

OH and btw check out my Nation-State! 'cause you probably didn't bother looking at the real web page and it's buried in the silliness somehwere.

* * * * * * *

So, I'm bored again. Sort of like Rykilde except because I don't want to do my work, not because I don't have any. I am supposed to be getting ahead so I can train my clone next week. Haha.

Then I thought of something I wanted to put in here, but now I forgot what it was after I wrote that lovely intro. Isn't this just grand? It was funny, too, and I was going to ask everyone —


So we have this silly "Roving Reporter" thing at work, where someone gets pegged as the reporter, and they have to come up with a question. They ask three people the question, and then the question and all three answers are posted, with photos of the people, on the intranet for the company to read at their leisure. I have now been questioned twice. The first one was "What are your means to the end? What is your end?"

To which I wrote the following:

Well, I thought long and hard about what you meant by "end" when asking this question. It could mean a great past accomplishment; some tragedy that had befallen me, my friends, or my family; a lofty goal I have sacrificed much to fulfill, or perhaps have yet to achieve; or maybe even more. Maybe this "end" is meant in some relation to society as a whole.
Ultimately, though, I believe my end is a deep desire...
Cheese is beauty. From our childhood grilled cheese sandwiches, to the mac&cheese of our college days, and onwards to the Parmesan, Brie, Stilton, Camembert, and other cheeses of Monty Python fame, the fermented curd is a favored food of many. As for my means to this end, they are at the same time both many, and one. From the homey simplicity of a slice — or two! — of bread, to the smooth comfort of mashed potatoes, the satisfying crunch of a salty tortilla chip, the jarring mélange of a BBQ chicken sandwich, or even the symphonic complexities of home-made lasagna, the only means that could possibly deliver cheese in its full glory are starches. No cheese can be entirely itself without a little bread to help it home.

...which was too long, so we had to cut the first paragraph. But it's still uhm...yeah. Discuss.

So now I got a second question, from one of the Win2000 editors. "If you could be a character out of a novel, who would you be?"

I thought about the Prophecy, from the Belgariad. But it's difficult to write a short, accessible description that would make sense to people who haven't read the books. Aurora made an excellent suggestion of Gerald Tarrant, from the Coldfire trilogy. However, I don't think I want to reveal my evil aspirations to the rest of the company.

So I fell back on good old Sam:

I'd have to say I would want to be Mahasamatman (yes, they call him Sam for short) from Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. There are a lot of attractive characters in Zelazny's books, but Sam's constant spunk and wit, his incredible ability to stare down Death himself, his cunning plans to take down a fleet of would-be gods via both smarts and power, and his uncanny way of always coming back when someone tries to kill (or otherwise dispose of) him are just plain brilliant. How could I pass up the chance to have 13 different names, the perfect aplomb, a stunning sense of humor, and a brief sentence of Nirvana? Alas, the closest I could come was to name my computers after him.

Hey, at least I can keep myself amused?

* * * * * * *

So, Aurora did something silly, and got me to try playing the N64 Dr. Mario puzzle thingy game, in a big (handicapped) 4-player mishmash. It was pretty funny. You see, she sort of beats all our asses in at that game. In reponse, Nybble did something awful and got us to try Super Smash Bros. Melee. So now I've been playing that, and it is very, very silly. I'm actually better at that than the Dr. Mario one--it looks just similar enough at a glance that when I get in trouble I start kinda playing tetris instead, and that really doesn't work very well.

You may have noticed by this interlude that I still have some down moments in my new job at work. I guess until I'm really up to speed, and need less help and fewer questions answered to get things through the system, I'll be a little spotty on assignments. So all my crap is on hold right now and I have nothing to do except answer the questions from the people doing my old job. Until either the coders code stuff, or the idiots who asked for it sign off that they told us the right thing in the first place. Funny, how there are now 2 people doing that job.

I'm also bored because my physical therapist killed my back on friday so I sort of am reduced to sitting and/or lying around for a few days. I don't really like "forced relaxation"'s a little like mandatory fun. Just not the same. I couldn't even really work on my computer, so I didn't get to fix some of the things I'd like to do on my web page--like making a real archive page for my "Real Food" section, or adding a little more content to the Hub summaries. Makes me sad. Oh well. Since I only have one job now, I guess I will have time to do this stuff another day. :)