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Below are some recipes. It's food. Eat it.

This page will become more stagnant, as I am moving my recipe hosting off the wiki and over to my glorious final project entitled Real Food With Cat, which is specifically designed to handle recipes. If you'd like an account to create recipes on the site, send me an email and I can create you one. I'll need to know two things: what you want your username to be, and what email address to have it send your password to.

Mac&Cheese - From Aunt Leslie. She got it from a martha stewart magazine article or something like that. I don't remember the details, but it's tasty tasty food.

Manicotti - Home made manicotti recipe from my mom.

Chicken with Cashew Nuts - Munged together from a couple different recipes. Work in progress, but it was okay.

Apple Turnovers - Pretty much straight off recipesource, with a few extra notes. I just put it here so I don't have to find it again every time, since I pretty much make them once a year.

Chicken Pot Pie - This is combined from a few recipes, and under hefty revision, for use as both pot pie and soup.

Coffee Cake - Haven't made it yet, but I want the recipe around when I get home for Christmas. And stuff.

Breakfast Casserole - From my big sis, who got it off Allrecipes.