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My icon for the OotS forum--hilariously, it's larger in default thumbnail format than it is normally.
Me, in a MT shirt.
Whee! Smily!

Aurora is the negligent engagedmarried mommy of Utter Chaos. As such, she is bored, and no longer living in sin.

Aurora's Wishlist, a shortcut so I don't have to keep going through the Christmas pages.

Aurora's family pizza recipe

Aurora's family scrapelle recipe

Aurora's family manicotti recipe

Aurora's lemon ricotta pancakes

Chocolate Lava Cakes

We have a house now. And a baby. And a dog.

Nybble dug up an entertaining summary of the first 11 Final Fantasy games. Hilarity ensues.

I found something that Joe Haldeman handed out in one of his classes. It's awesome. Here it is

As I'm engaged now, I suppose I'd better start planning my wedding... Wedding done. Carry on.

I have a DS Lite! and Tetris DS. My friend code is:


I am Ranching! Aurora's Ranch

Nybble's Mom's recipes for Chocolate Velvet Pie, Porcupine Meatballs, and Sausage Balls.

I make tomato sauce and lasagna sometimes. Here are recipes.

I also make Savoiardi, which are light orange cookies. Recipe is from my Zia Mena.

And, 5 years later, I have another new job. Whee. Well, there you go. That's how often I update this thing.

Also, Zahnnie and I are going to be girl scout troop leaders. Temporary planning page goes here: Brownie Activity Ideas. The troop will probably need its own wiki where very little information is available without a login.