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Wedding Party

Maid of Honor: Cat

Bridesmaids: Stephanie, Kit, Morgan and Rachel

Best Man: Chad

Groomsmen: George, Roger, Rich, and Hernan.

Ring Bearer: Michael DiMaulo

Flower Girl: Gabriel LeBlang


White and Red

Table number holders

Different video game icons for each table, made out of clay and painted. I'm working on Mario.


Natural Exposures Photography, Gaye Hilsenrath



  • First Dance: Small of Two Pieces
  • Dad/Daughter Dance: Matoya's Cave (Tentatively)
  • Mom/Son Dance: ?
  • Last Dance: American Pie


Platinum Posies Florist in Middleton


Classic Tuxedo in Harvard Square

Bridesmaid Dresses

David's Bridal dress in Apple.

Flowergirl Dress

David's Bridal dress in Ivory and Apple.

Freethough planning ideas

Hrm... Can we use the discussion page for comments? Other than fixing my typos, of course. Nybble is encouraged to edit. Hint Hint. ;)

  • Colors: Red and White. Ratri said I must find some way to work candy-canes into the favors. ;) The red I want a good deep rose-red, a real harlot color.
  • Dress: I'm thinking lace bell sleeves, a princess silouhette (sp?) and... not sure about the neckline yet. Need to try some on. White with red trim, especially at the ends of the sleeves. If I can just work in a hood, I'll be white mage for my wedding! ;) Edit: Nyb's mom, Janet, and Ratri have both suggested the heart-neckline. I need to go see how it looks. Edit: Instead of a veil or a train on the dress, I'm going to do a chiffon cape that attached to the shoulders of the dress by some pretty red crystal broaches or something, and drapes back. Outdoor ceremony will blow it around, so Ratri suggested adding some of the lace from my sleeves to the bottom of the cape to weigh it down. Edit: Final version of the dress is two pieces: A simple strappy silk dress with an A-line skirt, empire waist, and heart neckline, and a gauze-and-lace over dress/coat with bell sleeves. Pictures to come.
  • Shoes: Do I want to wear heels? I doubt it. Being slightly taller might be nice, though. But then again, the ballet slippers were pretty awesome. I wonder if I can get them in red? Also, Jen's bride-sneakers were excellent. Maybe I can find something like that. Depends on the weather. Edit: White satin ballet slippers dyed red to match the bridesmaid dresses.
  • Wedding party: Dunno who Nybble will want for his groomsmen. I'm going to want my housemates (female ones) as bridesmaids, unless I pick one for the officiator. I should probably make them draw straws for maid-of-honor. Except that Zahnnie ... she's nowhere near responsible enough. I'll just put her in charge of the bar. Also, I want Rachel, Nyb's sister, as a junior bridesmaid, Mouse as a flower girl (she'll probably be old enough to do it on her own this time) and maybe my cousin Michael or Nyb's cousin Justin as ring-bearer. Edit: Rachel qualifies as full bridesmaid. She'll be 14 by the time the wedding happens, but she's 12 now and looks 15. I think she'll do fine. Edit: Full wedding party listed above.
  • Bridesmaid's dresses: Like the bride, except red with white trim/lacing, and probably with a scoop neckline. We've considered finding plain sleeveless red dresses and adding the sleeves--hopefully we can find red lace that won't clash with red dresses. We'll see. Edit: Ratri suggested that we get white lace that's the same material as white bridesmaid dresses, and dye them all to the right color... how much effort is that going to take? Edit: the Bridesmaids dresses are listed above. They can pick out their own accessories (other than the swords).
  • Flowers: Red and white roses. Might have to figure out some fill-in flowers. It'd be hilarious if I gave white roses to all the virgin maids and red ones to the non-virgin ones. Hilarious. I think I'll add it to the bad wedding ideas page. Edit: Flowers for everyone except the bridesmaids. Weird, huh?
  • Date: We need to pick one of these. First, a season. Maybe end of Summer/beginning of Fall? Early October 2006? Edit: I think I have my heart set on early October, when the leaves have changed just north of Boston. If we can make it in 2006, that'd rule. If not, we wait another year, or until we have the money. Edit: I lied. I don't have my heart set on early October anymore. June 2007 would be better for an number of reasons, not the least of which is that it's easier for anyone who still has school to deal with. Edit: June 10, 2007.
  • Registry: Damn. This might be tough, other than toys. Ratri and Morrigu already have all the good kitchen stuff, and our house is full enough as it is. Possibly good china and silverwear, and storage cases for them. Possibly a new TV. Probably towels and sheets. Dunno what else yet. I'm thinking Bed Bath & Beyond (look out for that "Beyond" section) and Amazon, but also a good electronics store, for Nyb's fun. I wonder how many of those do registries. Also, computers? Register with Apple? Silly. Edit: Pillows. I need a better pillow. Maybe one of those foam mattresses, or a foam mattress pad. Mmmm... Edit: I also want new sheets, and an electric griddle. Edit: Registries are done. Linked from the real wedding page:
  • Place: I'm thinking Danversport for now. Need to take a look, but it solves the catering and ceremony issues nicely.Edit: Looked at a couple of places. For now it's a split between Danversport and Andover Country Club, but when May rolls around again we'll have seen a few more places and we might have a better idea of our budget. Mmmm, budget. Edit: Danversport it is. Ballroom. Wheefun.
  • Religion: No church wedding, no Mass ... but we might have some people say a prayer or two. As long as it isn't the "When I was a child, I spake as a child..." because I'm not ready to give up my childish things yet. ;) Edit: I think we might want to have a small religious ceremony at a later date, maybe with just our immediate family. There's that whole sacrament thing, might be nice to have.
  • Music: DJ, almost certainly... and I'll give him my iPod to play from. I have lots of songs that I like, almost certainly enough to fill up the hours of the reception. Maybe some people can help me go over them to narrow it down. I know many of our relatives and friends might not appreciate all the stuff I have on my playlist... but it's so tempting to just inflict it. >:) Edit: I was silly and went through and made a bunch of playlists for the reception, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and dinner. I'll put up a page with the songs on it eventually.
  • Cake: Ooh, I have ideas for the cake... I'm thinking spiral stairs up the sides... or maybe a mountain with wolves, for Puppy! Or Samoyeds in the snow! Could be fun... Edit: Danversport provides the cake. The one for Ratri and Morrigu's wedding was mighty tasty... Maybe we'll do a grooms cake of wolves. Edit: Nothing decided yet for the real wedding cake, but we got an estimate on the groom's cake. Zelda themed: triforce temple. Gonna have to make the triforce ourselves, probably out of chocolate. Thus, I need to find a good chocolate mold.
  • Invitees/Attendees: This is going to depend on how much money we have. Nyb has a big family, I have a decent sized one, and then there's our plethora of friends, both in the area and far away. We have enough people to have a big wedding. Whether we can afford it, that's another thing entirely. Edit: Made up a guest list. I think we came out to 250 people. Edit: Narrowed down the guest list to about 190. Edit: puffed it back up to 280ish. Oi. But the ballroom has a minimum of 200.
  • Procession: Sword-arch! Seriously, if we can afford to buy swords for our wedding party, and line them up on either side holding up the swords, he and I could walk up the aisle together with an honor guard. How cool would that be? Edit: Looking for a place to rent swords. Any ideas? Edit: Buying the swords as attendant gifts. We might get them engraved. Not completely sure where to get them yet, but eBay has a few reasonable ones. Edit: Swords bought! Still figuring out about engraving them.
  • Wedding Favors: Nyb came up with a good idea for this. Circuit boards! We're looking into gold, sealed, non-toxic, etc. It's very him. There's also the idea of having them do something, but that would probably require a lot of his time and effort (Also, it would require lead-free solder.
    • The front should have our names and the date etched on it. I would like to use someone's nice calligraphy print of this as a base for me to make the vector art for the PCB. The other side can have a circuit that will have LEDs, a battery, maybe a speaker, a button, or an accelerometer. I should probably considering getting a solder mask on the bottom to make putting them together simpler.
    • The design is being worked on. Really, it is.