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I've started brewing my own beer!

I figured if I have beer and caffeine pages, I need some notes on tea.

At Ratri's prompting/insistance, here it is: Morrigu's Wish List!

The Chainmail Fairy

Tasting notes for BBoTE

My thoughts on Caffeine

I've been working in IT for long enough to have developed a deep relationship with caffeine. When you can get woken up pretty much any time, day or night, year round, and have to be awake and alert enough to support the systems that your office relies upon, you begin to realize the value of stimulants. Before touching a system I'm responsible for I want to make sure that I'm alert enough to not make any horrible mistakes. Towards that end, I've been trying various products offered on ThinkGeek. Here's the list of what I've ordered and tried, and what I think of these products:

Biofuel Gourmet Caffeinated Popcorn ($2.99): Awesomely tasty kettle-corn style popcorn. They use a fair amount of white and brown sugar to counter the natural bitterness of the caffeine, and it works. Not only is this a very tasty popcorn, it's got just enough caffeine in it to keep you going, or pick you up. Definitely worth the price.

Le Whif Breathable Coffee ($1.99): Very much a gimmick, this only barely holds up to its claims. While you can get a vague sweet coffee flavor off of a couple of puffs, these just don't work as well as they should, and are very sensitive to moisture. Not much caffeine in them either, so really, as a joke they're fine, but need more refinement (And caffeine) to make the grade.

Perky Jerky ($5.99): Very tasty beef jerky, though a little more of the moist dried beef style than the solid shoe leather style jerky. A little sweet, a little spicy, and a definite pick-me-up, though I couldn't say if that's from the beef or the caffeine. I munch this stuff as a snack to keep me going at LARPs, and for that it's perfect.

Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies ($3.99): More like a brownie or blondie, since the cookie is the same general form and texture as the brownie. These are pretty tasty, but very high calorie. Didn't really notice the caffeine for all the sugar and fat in these. In general, more of a snack or dessert than caffeine source.

Caffeinated "Magic" brownie mix ($13.99): Simple brownie mix with coffee bean chunks in it. Reasonably tasty mocha flavor, but the crunchy bits are a turn-off to me.

Blood Caffeinated Energy Potions ($4.99 ea, $15.99/4): Tasty, a little sweet, fruit punch, with an appropriately metallic aftertaste. Got the first one free, I'll be paying for the next.  ;)

Mana Potions ($19.95/6): Taste nasty, and have varied reactions. If they work for you, they're great. If not, they're too expensive.

Diablo Energy Strips ($2.99/18 strips): Taste pretty good, and are a nice sugar-free pick me up. Well worth the low price.

Oral Fixation Night Light chai mints ($2.99/pack): Tasty, but low on the caffiene. If you like cinnamon mints, they're pretty good.

BuzzStrong Cookies ($4.99/dozen): Chocolate chip coffee cookies. Pretty tasty, but too heavy for anything but a snack.

ShowerShock soap ($6.99): It's like showering with that first sip of coffee in the morning. I'm ordering a case.

VoJo Energy Mints w/Guarana ($3.99): Little mints in a case with a mirror and small rectangle of paper inside. Not enough caffeine to notice, but they're tasty.

Caffeinated Nixie Tubes ($8.99/pack of 5): These are sort of like pixie sticks, but in plastic test tubes and with caffeine. Some taste horrible, others are pretty good, but in general I think they're more gimmick than anything else.

G.O.D. Rocks! --Aurora 18:36, 6 Nov 2004 (EST)

I don't know who drew the picture on this page, but I seem to remember getting it from somewhere on the maille artisans web page. I just think it's pretty. -Morrigu 23:58, 12 Nov 2004 (EST)

If you're feeling down, try this It's neat and might help you feel better. -Morrigu 00:15, 9 Dec 2004 (EST)