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We have it! We got our house! Wheee...

Here are the pictures from the inspection: House pictures from inspection

Now I have to figure out what to do with the thing!

DVD List



Uh, update? Yeah, we have a kid now. And a dog. And all the rooms are all finished and painted. It's been a busy year.

The fish tank wall has been rebuilt since last summer, but we only recently had the den redone so the tank has been sitting in the basement for about a year now. We're ready to move it back up, but need to get a posse together to do so.

After that? Well, we need to decorate and there are still many boxes to go through and unpack. Things are a little hectic, but life is generally good.


We're going to need to rebuild the wall under the fish tank so I will be going to a fish store to talk to them about how to safely move the tank.

I got a grout-removal kit for my Dremel and will be working on that this weekend, probably Sunday.

Also, after we move in, we'll be getting a dog! Nyb's mom has a litter of puppies for us to choose from. I'm uploading the pictures to the wiki b/c the facebook picture interface does not work from work. So, Puppies!


Well, on Sunday we discovered termite damage behind the wood paneling. This sucked. On Wednesday, Terminix came by to inspect (still under contract from previous termite treatments) and said there was no new infestation--the damage is old and was just hidden. I'm in contact with a builder to fix the damage and do some other things. We're probably not going to do all the dry-walling ourselves, if we can afford to let them do it instead. We'll see.

I planted a little garden in the porch planters yesterday. Mostly kitchen herbs, but with some strawberries and sugar snap peas. Caryatid was pleased that I put my herbs in alphabetical order. Diva was the first dog in our new house (ignoring the fact that the sellers had dogs). She also christened my new car with puppy fur. It'll buff out.

The outlets in the porch are bit special. We thought they were on two switches, but it looks like they're actually on nested switches. The switch in the den controls all the outlets, and another switch on the porch controls a subset of them as well. I'd prefer to have just one switch for all (or possibly two switches that can fight over it). I'd also like another outlet on the other side of the wall where the termite damage is, something grounded and three-pronged for the drinks fridge and the light that's there. That one ought not to go on a switch, I think. Maybe we can have them do that while they're rebuilding.


  1. Made copies of the key. Need to distribute the backups.
  2. Mapped outlets to switches. There are still some switches with unmapped purpose. Very confusing. There is one ungrounded outlet in the finished basement, one ungrounded outlet group in the porch, and one completely messed up outlet in the basement. All the bedrooms have only two-prong outlets. We may need an electrician to run some things around.
  3. Nybble mapped the circuit breaker box. The doorbell appears to be on its own circuit. Also, he might have missed a couple, but it's mostly done.
  4. Started mapping/measuring cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. I need to figure out where to put everything. The sellers left us some stoneware dishes, which will be nice to have around. I think I need a tall cabinet to display my crystal and it should go in the dining room.
  5. We decided today that we will probably rip out the wood paneling in the office, den, and laundry room. We need to test is for lead paint first, though. We made a trip to Costco and loaded up the car. Tomorrow we'll make a hardware store trip to get some things to start up.


Nybble wants to upgrade the outlets (his words!). I want to upgrade the faucets in the bathrooms. The kitchen faucet is actually really cool--pull out spray with a switch between stream and spray. I need to measure the ovens and see if our pans will fit. I should figure out paint swatches and stuff. There's so much to do!

For one thing, we have to come up with a name for the place, though Utter Chaos North will probably stick, to mirror Ratri and Gu's. I should probably also mimic their house stuff list. Here goes--I'm including things that we will be buying to get the house into livable shape

General House stuff

  • Trunk freezer (going into either the garage or porch)
  • Spray paint for the metal table in the porch
  • Keyboard stand (not sure where to put it yet)

* New outlets--three pronged and some face-plates for the ones missing them

  • Paint and related accessories
  • Garbage can for yard waste (may not need a third garbage can)
  • Tall ladder
  • Drywall and the related things for putting up drywall
  • Wood stain or paint for the furniture that we bought from the sellers

Yard and stuff

  • A landscaper
  • Seeds or plants for a flower garden--need to see what comes in first
  • Seeds or plants for a vegetable garden
  • Compost bin, maybe
  • Laundry tree
  • New yard lights
  • A tree or two to plant

* Grill, probably a Weber (my mom wants to get us one)


  • Sliding rail for a narrow, hanging spice rack in cabinet
  • New fridge, eventually
  • New oven, eventually
  • Small coffee maker for guests

* Kitchen chair for the built-in desk--I think the sellers left us one in the basement so I might use that.

  • S-ring to raise a light up
  • Movable kitchen island (Ikea? not sure. Something sizable)
  • Cookie sheets that fit our oven (less than 19" wide--the Wilton ones don't fit but the insulated ones do)
  • Cleaning products for under the counter--got dish soap, soft scrub, windex, and lysol toilet bowl cleaner

Living room and Dining room

  • Fireplace tools
  • End tables with lamps
  • Buffet and/or China cabinet
  • Picture frames and other wall decorations

* Actual entertainment center capable of holding our TV and stuff instead of wire rack shelves

  • Couch and loveseat or sectional
  • Coffee table


  • Organizing shelves
  • Gym equipment/mats, etc.
  • TV/entertainment center (will use Nyb's old TV for time being)


  • Bar
  • Bookshelves
  • Comfy chairs
  • Baby play mats


  • Shelves for under the fish tank

* Lamp

  • New walls
  • Organizer for fish stuff

Laundry room

  • New washer and dryer, eventually
  • Refit into a full bath (or at least 3/4)


  • New fan/light combo

* Bowed shower rod

  • Towel hooks

Master Bedroom

  • Closet organizer

* Matched bedroom set (may refinish other furniture to make this)

Guest Bedroom

  • End tables
  • Bookshelves
  • Rug


What we wanted ... (old link)