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Rykilde is the official hobbit and resident witch of 10 Hyde Park Avenue. As such her herb collection is rather interesting.

She also has a tendency to addictive behavior.

Rykilde's Addictions

And sometimes she puts things here about herself.

Rykilde's Journal

Rykilde's Album

Rykilde thinks she has some talent at drawing and writing, for some reason.

Rykilde's Art and Writing

Sometimes she cooks and tries not to poison us all.

Rykilde's Recipes!

If you want to be a dear and acquire something for the resident hobbit, she has made this wishlist for your convenience †.

Rykilde's Wish List

Also because she needed to scrabble together some form of wish list. It was that or be deluged with garden gnomes and socks. ‡
‡ Not that she doesn't like garden gnomes and socks. She does, and it's obvious that she does, so without alternate inspiration for her friends she may be buried in them to an embarassing degree.