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Musings of a Nutty Hobbit with Lovely Furry Toes

This journal is defunct. For further adventures of the hobbit, please refer to her Livejournal.

Note: entries are 'backwards' from normal online journals. This is posted in chronological order, from top to bottom. Causality is my drug of choice, or something.

Salutations! Umm. Right. Moving on....
So it looks like I'll be taking three, not two, semesters off from college. I guess more time to get grounded and centered is a nice thing. And also, I'm not exactly gung-ho to return to the bubble that is MIT.

On a different note, read in the paper today that the Supreme Court declined to hear the argument of the people who're challenging the Massachusetts law allowing same-sex marriages. Of course this was from the point that the federal government cannot make the precedent of interfering in states' rights...but the challengers don't believe that. Honestly...government should only take a moral stance in those actions which harm others, like theft and murder. Sorry, but while you might find Sally and Jane's marriage offensive, it's not harmful to you. That's the root of the issue.

And, oh noes! The mud is down today until Dec. 7. Whatever shall I do? Get caught up on my artwork and the wiki, that's what. Mmmm, free time.
--Rykilde 21:01, 30 Nov 2004 (EST)

MiniRants and Inane Rambles
Last night I told my parents I'm taking one more semester off from MIT to make sure I'm well before I go back. Holy mother. At least I know for certain my dad values success and a good career over personal happiness, now.

I am drawing my friend Yoji and my friend Thymol, both of whom have excellent taste in music. Thy sent me a song by Cake that made me laugh, so he gets extra brownie points. Yoji does too, because he can make me giggle by telling stories. I've also put more recipes up. I'm all about this recipe-not-on-an-index-card-alone thing, because it makes it so much easier to share them.

Also, today there was christmas shopping. And I have survived. The pile of wrapped boxes on the dining table, complete with kitty-chew-toy bows, is testament to all the shopping.

In conclusion, if you bring your problems to me, and don't want to follow my advice, you can still come cry on my shoulder, but don't keep asking me to solve it for you. I already tried that, and apparently that's not what you want.
--Rykilde 00:17, 5 Dec 2004 (EST)

Dream a Little Dream
Umm. Well. Ever have that feeling when things change so much that they don't?

I'm not making sense, am I? Well, recent life has been surreal, but in a fascinating way. I had a dream just now that was actually my brain designing a website. The website's service was to provide yuppies and deep blue liberals a border-hopping service to Canada, so that they could bypass the hassle of immigration. The hikers would provide such basic amenities as solar-powered espresso makers, GPS watches, and little satellite-hookup tvs so their clients would not miss the latest Queer Eye for the Straight Guy while trekking to the Land of Maple Leaves, Bacon, and French-Canadian Freedom Fighters. The dream was incredibly lucid, right down the font I should use for best effect.

Oi. Trading Christian Fundies for Wannabe Frenchmen? I must be going nuttier than I thought. No amount of solar-brewed espresso is worth that.

--Rykilde 02:25, 25 Jan 2005 (EST)

Well....pity me, for I am becoming as enamored of City of Heroes as I am of ShadowMUD. Luckily I have gotten Morrigu into is as well! Haha! I win. Or something. Join me in my obsession and together we will take over the world!

Also, I must say, there's nothing like satisfying a food craving to get rid of a crappy mood and make you feel better. Today I had mushrooms, and beef. It was in the form of a burger. WOW, but I feel better.

End transmission.--Rykilde 03:02, 28 Jan 2005 (EST)

A Very Special Valentine
Today I learned that Alan Keyes' daughter has come out as a lesbian. What a Valentine for Daddy! This cheered me up to no end. She apparently also has a Xanga site. Hopefully, maybe...it'll all get better...

On another note, my boy sent me a love letter. Never got a love letter before. It was in a red envelope, and he put his cologne on it...ooh, I melted inside. I love my boy.

Of course now it means that I have to go buy a hatbox covered in flowers or something. Hehehe.

--Rykilde 19:31, 15 Feb 2005 (EST)

On Baby Seals and Being Hit By Cars
First off, The cover of this month's Smithsonian is so cute that I squealed for about five minutes straight. It is an Alaskan fur seal. You must go look at it now. Also, the top headline? "IRELAND: The Old Sod Is New Again" ...Dude, the guys over at the Smithsonian are bloody brilliant.

Now then.
Frith in a tree.

I just ready today's Something Positive. Is it just me or did Kestrel just GET HIT BY A CAR? Crissakes, I nearly choked to death on my crackers and cheese and peanut butter.

Y'know, I need to
(a) Stop being surprised when Randy pulls something like this and
(b) Stop getting so into webcomics! They are not life!

Now if y'all will excuse me, I have to go mud for five hours and then draw pictures of elves.

--Rykilde 16:22, 24 Feb 2005 (EST)

An Aging Population
Wow. As of ten minutes ago, I have found my first white hairs. I have three! One is actually grey, or rather, shaded. It starts as brown at the end and goes to white at the root. I am pulling this out when I get home and saving it as a landmark. Well, Mom and Dad both were white by 40 and started to go grey before 30...I guess the trait amplified in me or something. Mmm. 21 and white hairs.

I did kinda expect to not have a motherhood ceremony, what with the expectation that I'm not going to reproduce and all, but I didn't expect to get to my croning so soon. Wheee!

Does this mean I get to start carrying a cane around to poke and thwap annoying, rude, or stupid people with? 'Cause I've always wanted one of those.

"OW! You crazy old lady, what'd you do that for?"
"Stop being rude! Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Also, apologize to the young lady you pushed in front of in line, then go to the end like a nice polite person would."
"What the hell? Get away from me you crazy bitch!"
(smack crack thwack) "Ow OW AAGH!"

Ah, yes. Fear my curmudgeonly wrath, and all that.

--Rykilde 15:28, 9 Mar 2005 (EST)

(Cue evil laughter)

I have a webcam.


--Rykilde 15:04, 10 Mar 2005 (EST)

Hand Me My Leather, and My Crossbow

Sometimes I lie awake at night, wondering why all the stupid people, the ignorant people, the selfish and petty and cruel and insensitive and meanspirited people, are still alive.

This is one of those times.

All those people should be damn happy that I have as yet not bought a crossbow.


--Rykilde 03:56, 10 Apr 2005 (EDT)

The Unitarian Jihad Wants YOU! - for reasoned and enlightened discussion
I want to join the Unitarian Jihad. They sound like pretty froody cats. If you think I am even more insane than before, please blame it all on Jon Carroll, of the San Fransisco Chronicle.

I think this is my favorite piece of the article:
"Beware! Unless you people shut up and begin acting like grown-ups with brains enough to understand the difference between political belief and personal faith, the Unitarian Jihad will begin a series of terrorist-like actions. We will take over television studios, kidnap so-called commentators and broadcast calm, well-reasoned discussions of the issues of the day. We will not try for "balance" by hiring fruitcakes; we will try for balance by hiring non-ideologues who have carefully thought through the issues."

Also, my Unitarian Jihad name is Sister Spikey Mace of Loving Kindness. The committee told me so.

--Rykilde 11:41, 11 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Musings at Work on a Friday
Hoooooo hum. Friday again. This is the day that the other secretary is in as well, so basically my duties are to be backup phone operator, which I only need to actually do when she's on a call or on her lunch break, and to do whatever odd jobs people thrust upon me.

Translation: Every half hour or so I answer a call. Every two hours or so I fill a machine of some type with paper, make coffee, clean dishes in the kitchen, or do something rather random. Previous random chores have been to assemble collapsible poster stands for a conference, run a binder to the copier's and make 5 copies, go buy beer for the office, and make a small excel spreadsheet.

As you may guess, this bores me out of my tiny little insane mind. I pass the time by hitting my favorite sites, reading webcomics, checking le email, and forumwhoring. Sadly, though, the most engrossing and time-consuming of these activities, forumwhoring or, as I sometimes call it, engaging in relevant and intellectually stimulating discussion via the interent (AHAHAHAHAHA!), is not available today. xForums will not load. I am not sure if this is an issue on my end or on their end. This means I get to subject everyone who actually reads this sad, sad excuse for a journal to EVEN MORE of my maudlin and scatterbrained ramblings. Couldn't you just pee yourself out of SHEER JOY??!!!? I know I could.

So what shall I do now? Well, first off, I can agonize more over my Legends character. I simply am going to drive myself insane with not being able to make a plan here. I don't know what I want her to do. Well, correction: I do know what I want to do, I am just not sure I can get away with it and not have everyone misunderstand before I'm done and try to shank me, which would be very sad and make kittens and cute puppies cry.

I could do something I have been meaning to do for some time, namely, make a page here that has all the webcomics and random-as sites I frequent in a nice list. For some weird reason I dislike using bookmarks for this. Maybe a short page of links will make my life easier, and keep me from forgetting things.

Oh! I also thought of making a page for people's City of Heroes characters, where we (read: Morrigu and I) could keep a log of what level and abilities and whatnot all those little superheroes have, and muse over options for enhancements and powers. Hey, there's a set of Monster Ranches up on the main page... Hmmm. If I really want to twink out I could even stick up screenshots of the characters in question looking badass or some junk like that. Shall think more on this.

And the boss' dog needs to be taken for walkies, so I guess that is it for now. Wish me luck.

--Rykilde 09:46, 15 Apr 2005 (EDT)

The Hobbit Finally Cracks

Must slam head into desk from sheer boredom!



--Rykilde 15:57, 15 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Stargate Love, or, When Teenage Fangirls Have A Webpage and Too Much Free Time
I think the Britney Spears music is the real icing on the cake in this latest mindtrip of pop culture. Note: Viewers may wish to sit down before viewing, and perhaps take a few Valium.

Today's edition of Rykilde Is Bored at Work and Wants To Share Her Twistedness is brought to you by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the World Wildlife Fund, the letter X, and Viewers Like You.

--Rykilde 12:13, 20 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Stupid People
"Good afternoon, (company name)."
"Hi, can I speak to Georgie?"
"I'm sorry, ma'am, no one by that name works here."
"Are you sure?"
"Is this the bank?"
"No, ma'am, this is (company name), we are an architectural firm."
"Georgie isn't there?"
"No, ma'am, I am sorry but no one by that name works here."
"Are you certain?"
"Yes, ma'am, I am."
"Where is this?"
"This is (company name), ma'am."
"What's that?"
"We are an architectural firm."
"Oh. No, Georgie works at the bank, he isn't there." [click]

I get a couple calls like this every week, but usually I don't have to repeat the company name more than once, and usually they don't call back in an hour... and go through the same thing ALL OVER AGAIN.

Arrgh. Why are people so dumb? How do these people survive to adulthood?

--Rykilde 15:35, 1 Jun 2005 (EDT)

...And Again!
She must be going for Nutcase of the Month Award, because Stupid Calling-for-Geargie Woman just called back once more! And once more, she has been informed that this is not a bank, nor is Georgie here. Let's hear it for listening skills, folks.

Actually, I can't really believe someone really is this dumb. They must be prankers. Particularly unimaginative and annoying prankers.

--Rykilde 16:07, 1 Jun 2005 (EDT)