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It's Day 2. You need to finalize today's roles. You need to make a Loyalty check and an Intel check.


Name Base Stat Contributing Party Members Bonus
Security 0 Wis Vegeta (+8) 8
Loyalty 0 Cha Hawk (+6), Nidri (+5), Claire (+7) 18
Intel 0 Int Fi (+2) 2
  • Threat Level: 2
  • Forces Level: 3
  • Bank: 3550 gp
    • You can ask for an item that costs up to 1000 gp

Up to 3 of you can work on a single attribute. You can change roles at the start of each day.

How the revolution runs

Each day you deal with Upkeep, then perform an activity. Your mission is to destroy the ruler of this realm, Taurus Zircon.

You will want to manage the Threat levels while building your Force level. More Threat means meaner encounters.


Purchase Items

The bank has limited funds. And you're capped on the most expensive item you can buy.

Preserve Forces

Make a DC 20 Loyalty check. If you fail, the Forces level decreases by 1.

Activity Phase

Now you choose your activity to perform for the day. It's Pathfinder, so almost everything will involve a battle. A good check can lower its difficulty.

Disrupt Supplies

Need more money in the bank? Want to buy more expensive items? Attack a supply depot!

Make a DC 20 Security check to reduce the threat for this battle.

When you win, you increase the bank’s funds by 2000 gp, and the maximum value of a single item increases by 500 gp.

Make another DC 20 Security Check. If you beat it, the rewards are doubled.

Intel Hunt

DC 20 Intel Check reduces the Threat level by 1, for this battle.

You discover one group of enemies who are rather knowledgeable about the events going on. You proceed to interrogate them.

After Succeeding at the battle, roll a 1d6 for your reward. Make another DC 20 Intel Check. If you make it, roll for a second reward.

Rescue Prisoners

DC 20 Intel Check reduces the Threat level by 1, for this battle.

You find a group of slavers and prepare to run them through, rescuing the kidnapped people.

After succeeding, your Forces value increases by +1. Make a DC 20 Loyalty Check. On success, Either Forces value increases by +1, OR Threat level decreases by -1, your choice.


This is a chapter in Book 2

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Hurbin Fledomzy

This gnome leads the Resistance forces against Taurus Zircon. His phantom, Eladin is very overbearing and protective of him.

Septempter 14, 1236 AD

The Pit

You step through the portal, experiencing a sense of vertigo as you travel. It finally ejects you in to a large fighting pit. Minotaurs, wraiths, shadows and werewolves turn to greet you as their new slaves. You emerge victorious, but Claire is permanently blinded after a nasty spell.

Right outside, you find a gnome and his ectoplasmic companion freeing people from a wooden cage. He explains that the enemies you faced were slavers, trying to round these people up for their master's nebulous, nefarious purpose. He also notices Claire's predicament and offers you assistance- which you do.

After a night's rest, you all feel more powerful, like you leveled up.

And so begins your first day of the revolution.

Day 1

You decide to free some of the victims. Hurbin is quite excited, and he directs you to a building hastily converted into a prison.

After defeating the captors, you free the prisoners and Hawk gives an inspirational speech. Some of the prisoners promise to get the training they need to stand up to the enemy forces.

Your Forces Level increases by 2!

Day 2

Vegeta demands they find a new ally. Clark the Cleric of Virton heeds his call. He's a bit shy. Hurbin mentions a snow base with lots of potential intel. When the party approaches they find a powerful wraith cleric and its guards! The party makes quick work of them and their reinforcements, although Darius is hit with a blindness curse.

Among the many prison transfer pages you read, you notice a record for Karen Vitalis, a paladin of Virton who was captured when she distracted a group of slavers and bought the slaves time to escape. You find her location and know she may be executed within the week.

Wasting no time, you travel to the execution site just in time. She is kicked off the gallows, hanging by a noose. A crowd of slaves watch as a hooded man declares her guilty. As you approach, Vegeta realizes the stone gargoyles atop the roofs are alive!

The hooded sorcerer recognizes Vegeta's nationality, but Vegeta declares him insanse before turning him into a pile of dust. The other enemies are dispatched soon after and the woman and prisoners are freed. She is Karen Vitalis, and she's glad you were able to rescue her.

She has heard of the Navigator, someone who has found a powerful elven mage of some kind. She is unsure of the location, but she offers to help. Once she gets some rest, of course.

Day 3

You begin another effort to defeat slavers and rescue kidnapped people. You find three wraiths and their guardians atop a cliff and make short work of them.

One of the captives heard a rumor: a red golem filled with wires and electricity was brought to a forgemaster to be reprogrammed. She knows where it is, but she needs to stop for food and drink.

Karen is thankful for Nidri's timely heal. She may have saved Bluefin's life. Karen offers to escort the prisoners back to base while you press onward. One of the prisoners heard a rumor of a high-profile prisoner.

Enter Scarlet Scarab

You enter an arid valley, scorching hot and lined with unnatural thunderstorms. At the center lies a forge, surrounded by living flame and humongous undead. At the center lies a broken red golem and a humanoid smith. The humanoid turns its insect head to the party and bellows "Ahh, fresh meat..." During the assault Darius runs afoul of a rock monster and is pummeled into the wall, dead.

You defeat the Butcher and his minions. He rewired the golem a bit before you stopped him.

Back to the base

Monster patrols have increased, and they have more coordination. They are more cautions than before- they've learned not to underestimate you.

While Karen and Clark maintain morale, Hurbin is in his meditation with a more vital task- keeping Darius Kolphan's spirit intact. His spectral ally Eladin entertains Darius's soul while Hurbin asks what they plan to do with Darius. Bring him back to life or send him to the great beyond?

As for Scarlet Scarab, the Butcher damaged and tore parts of her out to analyze her inner workings and to mock your progress. You'll need to make some vital repairs to bring her back.

Day 4

Clark the Cleric casts Gentle Repose to preserve Darius's corpse.


Lessons Learned