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Book 2: Clarity

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The party travels to new continents in search of a dreaded foe, but they discover a world lost and splintered.

A Moment's Respite

The party returns to Harvest Wharf to deliver terrible news: The Lucavan have returned. After getting an invite to visit The Order, they travel to Darius Kolphan's homeland, The Isle of the Sun. Something rotten lies in the island's grand library- a vampire by the name of Baat Daculon!

Sea Creeps

The vampire fled, and the party is on the chase! They identify an underwater base, home to Captain Limon and his aquatic pirates. Could he hold the secret to Baat Daculon's whereabouts?

A Sea's Life for Me

It's time to travel to the Port of the Plains to chase down a vampire. Also, to make business contacts and ally themselves with one of the three agencies. When they set out to find a town built upon an oasis, they meet a long lost friend!

Interviews Suck

Merki lives! He explains the connections between the Lucavan, Sendrine, and the Mel family. The party moves towards the forest surrounding Baat Daculon's castle and meet an unexpected ally... before fighting the mad queen of the forest.

Vanquish the Horrible Curse

They routed the vampire lord from his temporary base. They overcame the guardians and obstacles put ahead of them. They even subdued a queen of the forest, despite heavy losses. But now it was time to enter the vampire's castle and slay Baat Daculon once and for all.

The Queen and the Egg

The vampire's castle lays in ruin, but now the party must deal with the collateral damage. The lives of many hang precariously between life and death. And where to, next?

Fish and Scales

Welcome to Fisherman's Wharf, a town held in a fragile balance. A greedy dragon protects the town from bloodthirsty marauders while unsolved murders continue to climb. The party's mere presence seeks to upset the balance- but will this lead to prosperity or ruin?

Die Hard Between Dimensions

You enter a portal to an extraplanar prison, guarded by familiar enemies. Outnumbered by followers of Lucavan, you must decide how to subvert them- and how to escape!