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Divine Detritus is a Pathfinder run that is played by post. It is hosted on roll20.net. Chadius is the current GM and will post logs here.

Campaign Story


What an incredible sight! Angels from the Celestial realm emerged from the heavens, sweeping across the land. At the same time, Demons arose straight from Hell, and leapt straight into battle! It was a glorious war, the warring factions at tooth and nail, fighting it out in the Mortal realm, right for everyone to see! They destroyed everything in their path! Mankind was set back a few hundred years, but it was worth the sight!

...That’s what your grandfather says, anyway. All you know is that it was over a thousand years ago. I mean, it's 1236 AD (After Disaster), yeesh. If there was a big war like that, where are the survivors? Aren’t Celestials and Demons ageless and go on forever? You came to the port town of Harvest Wharf to escape the simple life and enjoy the big city. Imagine your surprise when you receive a private letter from your superior, telling you about an Angel sighting. He says people will pay big bucks for any kind of souvenir or relic. Easy money, you just have to go out and get it.

World Map

World Map

I haven't decided everything in the Eastern Hemisphere, so that land is subject to change.

Clockwise from the Northwest:

  • Harvest Wharf
  • Great Plains
  • The Tempest
  • Draugh Kingdom
  • Sun Isles


Book 1


Book 2


NPCs of note

Specific NPCs


Demons Possess. Divs Corrupt. Devils Bargain.

Angels Bless. Azatas Inspire. Archons Judge.

Getting Started

How to join

To access the campaign:

  • Log into roll20.net
  • Make a new account if you need to.
  • Once you log in, you can access the campaign directly here.
  • Click the Launch Campaign button
  • Contact the GM (type in the log or send an email) and the GM will add a Character and Token for you.

To access your character sheet

  • Launch the Campaign
  • Open the bar on the right side of the screen by clicking the icon on the right edge.
  • You should see six icons in the upper right of the screen. The third from the left is called "Journal".
  • Under the Characters section, you should see your character sheet.

Character Creation rules

Character creation rules:

  • Pathfinder. The ruleset is online at http://www.d20pfsrd.com/
  • Races: Core, Tiefling and Aasimar are OK. Talk to me about other races.
  • Alignment: Non Evil.
  • Level 1 characters, generated using a 20 point buy to assign stats.
  • All of the 1st party classes are allowed. Those are the Core, Base, Alternate, and Hybrid classes.
  • Each PC starts with 2 Traits. They must be from different Types (Combat vs Equipment vs Religion, etc.)
  • Everyone starts with 175 gp of gear. Anything you don't spend you keep for later.
  • HP is max at 1st level. Subsequent levels are the average (rounded up). So d6 HP classes would get 4 + Con HP per level.
  • I provide a default Token to represent your character. If you want a different one, you can drag it into the page and tell me to use that (or maybe you need to give me the picture to transform - unsure.)
  • A new character will join at the lowest PC's level in the party. If everyone's the same level, they are one level lower.