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Chadius: Hype Smasher X!

Subsections of JUSTICE!

My Games - Games I've made and designed.

Live Journal - Personal rants, updated daily., whenever.

Game Design - Ideas and wisdom on the design of games.

Resume - 'Cause you know you want to hire me.

Pencil and Paper RPGs - Characters, rulesets, gaming runs.

Everything Else - Animation, webcomic idea, fanfic etc etc.


Q: Who the dell are you?
A: I'm Chadius, aspiring game designer. This website represents my mind as I try to compile everything that I think about into one large database.

Q: What the flagellan does Hype Smasher-X mean?
A: It's my basic attitude in life: Get to the point. Don't overinflate the goods with marketting, don't distort the facts with politician speak, and don't bend the truth with the blame game. Just tell people what you think and they'll understand.

Q: What are your goals as a designer-man?
A: Like all other game designers, I want to make the perfect game. The game everyone can enjoy.

Q: ...On a wiki?
A: Yeah. It's a lot simpler that way.

Q: What the deuce? You link everything to your livejournal!
A: That's not a question.*

  • I found that I don't like to write whole articles in a single sitting. Instead, I tend to think about a subject in peicemeal over a long period of time. It's easier for me to rant about a subject (on livejorunal) and then compile it on my website than to write a single concise article.

Q: This site is hot! How can I contact you?
A: Check out the resume section. It has my e-mail address there.