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I am a lich. Yes, an undead mage. I am current with The Longest Road. Before you try to smite me (for brownie points, lousy Paladins!), please read:


Ezel's Top Ten Corrections


10. Fear Auras are worthless.

9. You would think cold and electicity would hurt me. You are wrong.

8. Those who cannot do 15 damage will be presented with my patented shit-eating grin!

7. Unless it is a magical bludgeoning weapon. Please don't hit me with those (SIL!!!)

6. Yes I have a phylactery. No, I don't want to go there. I don't really want to "die."

5. Like clerics and other men of the cloth, you won't like my touch.

4. In the party, I fear Sil the most. She is driven by the three worst temperaments: Zeal, Avarice, and Drunkenness.

3. A family reuinion? That would kill me. You see, my mother and father would love me to death.

2. My sister is actually a great hero. Yes, there are many great heroes, I'm not telling you which one, lest you force me to bother her with my presence.

1. No I am NOT evil.

I am a researcher, Information is my goal. It is my purpose...

A Wizard Did It

I am a wizard. I study the arcane arts, examine the purview of magic, and make pretty colors appear. Ellowyn would probably understand it best, although he does not need to study it (lousy sorcerers.) Querca might get it, assuming she can stop looking at cute puppies and other nature-related nonsense.

Divination is my preferred domain. Being able to predict, perceive, and protect information remotely is quite useful. If we need to scope out somewhere, I can do that well. Once a fight breaks out, though, I am best at enhancing the Murder Brigade (TM), that is the rest of the party. They're quite good at brute force.

At some point I would like to return to my home base. I check on it every time I return to the material plane.

I do not like necromancy spells and have forbidden myself from using them. They remind me of...me.